EEO Info

TO: Royal Broadcasting, Inc. File/Corporate Action

WFTR/WZRV Public File

FR: Andrew L. Shearer, President

May 29, 2015 (0613-0515)

RE: EEO Hiring Policy & Action Plan

Pursuant Federal Communications Commission guidelines, section 73.2080 © (6) regarding EEO practices, this document is being provided in an effort to better define and lay out the recruitment and hiring practices of Royal Broadcasting, Inc., a Virginia S Corporation, and its holdings.

Royal Broadcasting, Inc. has and will continue to adhere to all Virginia Employment Commission guidelines regarding hiring practices, notifications and actions. Virginia is a ‘right to work’ state and as such, Royal Broadcasting, Inc. will operate under those guidelines for all hiring, termination and unemployment compensation issues.

  1. Royal Broadcasting, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and as such, does not discriminate against any candidate on the base of race, sex, religious affiliation, national origin, sexual preference, age or other diversity category. All candidates will be judged solely on their qualifications for a specific position.
  2. All hiring and termination will be the responsibility of the Management team at Royal Broadcasting, Inc. As of June 1, 2013, this team consists of: Andrew L. Shearer, President; Elizabeth Trumbull, Sales Manager; and Lonnie Hill, Director of Operations.
  3. At present, policy information is posted in the Royal Broadcasting, Inc. Employment Guide. This guide clearly states that Royal Broadcasting, Inc. and all it holdings is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and that the Company is bound by all Virginia Employment Commission guidelines.Further stated within Company Policy, any employee who believes discrimination has occurred in any area of employment has the right and responsibility to contact a member of the Management team or Virginia Employment Commission immediately for investigation.
  4. At present, Royal Broadcasting Inc. utilizes the following local organizations for recruitment of qualified applicants:Shenandoah University Career Placement Office
    Shenandoah University Byrd School of Business Placement Office
    Virginia Employment Commission
    Lord Fairfax Community College Career Placement Office
    Area Chambers of Commerce job applicant pools (when offered)
    Virginia Association of Broadcasters

    Royal Broadcasting, Inc.
    EEO Guidelines, 0613-0515
    Page 2

    In addition, radio campaigns on WFTR-AM and WZRV-FM are utilized, along with local cable access channel 15 and local newspaper listings (The Northern Virginia Daily, the Winchester Star, Warren County Report and The Warren Sentinel).

    Due to the geographic location of the current holdings, minority candidate recruitment is difficult. 2010 census statistics indicate the four (4) county market in which the Holdings are located has an African American population of 3.7%, and 5.7% Asian, Hispanic or other ethnicity. However, several historic Black Colleges do exist within 100 miles and include Morgan State University, Howard University and Virginia State University. These colleges are notified whenever full-time employment opportunities or permanent employment opportunities exist as well as annually to invite applicants to apply for any future opportunities.

    From June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2015, applications and/or resumes were received from the following sources:

    Virginia Employment Commission – 0
    On-air Announcements – 6
    Channel 15 Announcements – 0
    Lord Fairfax Community College – 1
    Shenandoah University – 1
    Local Newspaper recruitment – 5
    Website recruitment – 4
    Listed Minority Colleges – 0
    Virginia Association of Broadcasters – 3
    Referrals – 7
    Walk-ins/other – 6

  5. Attached is the list of Royal Broadcasting, Inc. EEO contacts as of May 29, 2015. These contacts are utilized any time there is a full-time or permanent employment opportunity. These contacts are notified annually of their right to be contacted by the Company for potential hiring opportunities.
  6. During the period (0613-0515), Royal Broadcasting, Inc. participated in the following EEO activities and programs:–Moderated and facilitated one (1) county leadership Media Day experience
    –Participated in two (2) county Youth leadership Media Day experiences
    –Offered a twice-monthly high school radio program, fully hosted and produced by high school students. This program aired eighteen times each year (Sept-May)
    –Participated in the Virginia Association of Broadcasters Internship program
    –Maintained an on-going in-house sales training and mentoring program
    –Participated and hosted community interest groups with on-air program opportunities at least monthly