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“Food Dude” Host Visits Front Royal Spelunker’s

29 January 2018 Community News

“Food Dude” Brandon Frye, 42, recently visited Front Royal’s Spelunker’s. Frye’s internet-based show “Food Dude USA” showcases restaurants of all shapes and sizes, as well as their employees. Although the popular program’s host himself is no chef or culinary school graduate, part of his success comes from simply being a regular man who loves food.

Frye was quoted as loving Spelunker’s, using the program to highlight their chili, hand-cut fries, and well-topped ice cream. His full special will be online in around a month, and will be found on Jive Wire Television, Frye’s social media pages, and fooddudeusa.com.
The “Food Dude” is looking forward to a bright future; according to reports, he is currently working on a pilot idea with the creator of “Diners-Drive-Ins-and Dives,” David Page.

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