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Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Warns Community of New Phone Scam

14 July 2017 News

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office wants to make the public aware of a recent scam. A resident received a call from someone stating they were a captain with the “Winchester Frederick County Sheriff’s Office” and was requesting bank account information. If you receive a call with similarity to this, do not give out any information and hang up. At no time will anyone from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office call you on the phone and request money from you, or bank account information.

The sheriff’s office is also reminding everyone to always double check any private information you are sharing. A best practice is to never give your financial accounts information out over the phone to anyone.

Other scams on the rise:
• The IRS will never request that you pay your taxes with a gift card from a store. The will also not ask you to purchase the card then give them the account numbers off the back.
• No utility company will request you to pay your bill with a gift card, or a green dot card.
• If someone contacts you stating they have a loved one there with them and the individual needs to pay a fine, attorney fees, or request money for that individuals safety, contact the sheriff’s office immediately.
• If you are contacted and told you have won the lottery, Publishers Clearing House, or any sweepstakes. Be wary! There are public contact numbers you can contact the businesses at to verify the information. Do not use numbers they provide. The sheriff’s office can assist you with any questions.
• If there is a warrant out for you, we will never contact you and request you purchase a gift card, or green dot card.

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