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Juvenile Faces Charges Following Large Street Fight

14 July 2017 News

More than 20 people, including adults and juveniles were involved in a large fight on July 12, 2017. The large brawl took place near South Kent Street and Millwood Avenue, Winchester, VA. Following the incident a female juvenile is facing multiple charges.

The Winchester Police Department was dispatched to the scene at approximately, 9:40pm. When officers arrived, they witnessed a chaotic scene with many involved in the fight in the roadway. Others involved were scattered throughout the street as well.

When the crowd saw officers, mostly everyone stopped fighting and some fled the scene. However, one female juvenile refused to leave the roadway. She continued to yell and tried to incite others. An officer tried to place the teen under arrest but she resisted and became combative. Another officer arrived but the teen girl was still combative. She allegedly made threats to the officer and spit in his face. The officers were eventually able to take her into custody.

The girl was taken to the Northwestern Regional Juvenile Detention Center and charged with two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

Other officers remained on the scene to investigate and try to determine what caused the fight. Ultimately, they were not able to come to a conclusion.

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