FRPD is seeking information on Criser Rd. incident

police radios

Front Royal Police Department is seeking information regarding an incident on the 100 block of Criser rd. in Front Royal.

Witnesses reported on 07/19/21 at approximately 11:20 pm that several gun shots were fired in that area multiple spent shell casings and a damaged mailbox were found in the area.

If you have any information please call Detective T.A. Smith

at 540-636-2208 or email at

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BRWC – Patient of the week

giving tuesday

Blue Ridge Wildlife Center has it’s longest patient ever at an impressive 6″4 also making him the heaviest at almost 3 pounds.

This Eastern Ratsnake is without a doubt large.

It seems to have swallowed a ceramic egg used in chicken coops for training chickens.

With minimal invasion and damage done to the animal they were able to extract it.

If you use fake eggs to show your chickens where to lay consider gluing multiple fake eggs together so they will not be ingested.

Also you can nail wooden eggs to the coop itself to accomplish the same goal.

Snakes are often considered pests and underappreciated for the important job they do in their ecosystems.

They prevent disease spread by keeping rodent population as well as the ticks they carry under control.

Snakes serve as important predators but also as an important prey species for larger predators.

If you see a snake in your yard, give it plenty of space, take a photo, and leave it alone.

Lets be better neighbors to our native wildlife.

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LFHD warns of rabies risk

rabies risk in strasburg

Lord Fairfax Health District warns of a rabies risk.

July 16, 2021 2 bats were found deceased on the 200 block of Darby drive in Winchester.

Both bats were collected and later tested positive for rabies.

Everyone should bare in mind that any bite, scratch or lick from a raccoon, fox, skunk, bat, or feral cat could result in exposure.

This applies to both humans and domesticated animals.

If you are bitten, scratched, or licked by any of these high risk animals, seek medical attention immediately.

Rabies is fatal to both animals and humans once symptoms begin, but it can be prevented in humans if they receive the vaccine and medication soon after exposure.

If you have any questions please call the Frederick/Winchester Health Department at 540-722-3480.

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Front Royal names new Assistant Town Manager

front royal town hall

Ms. Kathleen Leidich will lead operations for planning and building inspection as well as the infrastructure divisions of public works.

Water management, construction management, capital projects, solid waste and energy services.

Ms. Leidich earned her Master’s degree in City and Regional planning, and public Administration at Ohio State University.

She graduated from Whittenberg University with B.A. degrees in political science and psychology.

Ms. Leidich will begin working on August 2, 2021.

Welcome to Front Royal.

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New Principal at Orchard View Elementary

james wood girls' basketball coach

Frederick County Public Schools have named a new Principal for Orchard View Elementary.

Rachel Rinker is a graduate from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in multi-disciplinary studies as well as a Master’s degree in elementary education.

She also earned a certificate of Advanced graduate study in educational leadership from Salem International University.

Ms. Rinker started her career at Armel Elementary school in 2011.

From all of us here at The River 95.3 Good luck and Congratulations!

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Gardening Classes at Belle Grove Plantation

Kris kringle outdoor market

Two separate classes will be offered at Bell Grove plantation both taught by master gardeners.

Joyce Watson of the Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners Association will be teaching about floral arrangements. Using all of our favorite summer flowers such as dahlias, sunflowers, coneflowers, and zinnias.

All participants should bring floral shears. Class is held at the Beverly B. Shoemaker Welcome Center on July 29, 2021.

Lynn Hoffman of the NSVMGA will be instructing a course on hanging basket planters on August 9, 2021. They cost 15 dollars a piece for supplies.

You can register and pay for both at

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