Choir Members Needed

The Shenandoah Valley Music Festival needs choir members, and they invite all

soprano, alto, tenor, and bass volunteers to sing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with SVMC

and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra next summer!

Concert date in Saturday July 30, 2022 , in Orkney Springs, VA.

Rehearsals start June 21 at Bridgewater Church of the Brethren in Bridgewater.

Every Monday from 7:30-8:30 for six weeks leading up to the concert date.

To sign up visit

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Senators Warner and Kaine announce VA to receive $400 million in funding

WASHINGTON – On the busiest air travel day of the year, U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-VA) announced that airports in Virginia are expected to receive $399,740,660 in federal funds over the next five years as a result of the bipartisan infrastructure deal signed into law last week.

The funding will be distributed to Virginia airports over five years as follows:

  • Washington Dulles International: $120,399,725
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National: $116,734,485
  • Richmond International: $35,608,215
  • Norfolk International: $33,098,390
  • Charlottesville-Albemarle: $15,444,835
  • Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional: $14,977,645
  • Newport News/Williamsburg International: $10,194,005
  • Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field: $6,497,230
  • Shenandoah Valley Regional: $5,066,130
  • Manassas Regional/Harry P. Davis Field: $3,735,000
  • Leesburg Executive: $3,735,000
  • Virginia Highlands: $1,480,000
  • Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive: $1,480,000
  • Culpeper Regional: $1,480,000
  • Danville Regional: $1,480,000
  • New River Valley: $1,480,000
  • Blue Ridge: $1,480,000
  • Chesapeake Regional: $1,480,000
  • Hampton Roads Executive: $1,480,000
  • Richmond Executive-Chesterfield County: $1,480,000
  • Hanover County Municipal: $1,480,000
  • Warrenton-Fauquier: $1,480,000
  • Winchester Regional: $1,480,000
  • Franklin Regional: $790,000
  • Front Royal-Warren County: $790,000
  • Twin County: $790,000
  • Louisa County/Freeman Field: $790,000
  • Luray Caverns: $790,000
  • Mountain Empire: $790,000
  • Accomack County: $790,000
  • Orange County: $790,000
  • Dinwiddie County: $790,000
  • New Kent County: $790,000
  • William M. Tuck: $790,000
  • Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional: $790,000
  • Stafford Regional: $790,000
  • Suffolk Executive: $790,000
  • Tappahannock-Essex County: $790,000
  • Middle Peninsula Regional: $790,000
  • Emporia-Greensville Regional: $550,000
  • Farmville Regional: $550,000
  • Ingalls Field: $550,000
  • Lee County: $550,000
  • Tazewell County: $550,000
  • Tangier Island: $550,000
  • Lonesome Pine: $550,000
  • Brookneal/Campbell County: $550,000

The funding represents Virginia’s share of $15 billion in direct grants to airports expected around the country as a result of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a bipartisan, once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness that was negotiated by Sen. Warner and strongly supported by Sen. Kaine.

Email from Laura Dacy ( Warner )

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Camping for Hunger totals

We have exceeded last years totals thanks to so many people who donated to make

this all possible. Reaching over 12 thousand in monetary donations as well as 8 tons of food.

We would not have been able to do this without each and every one of you.

Thank you so very much for your heart warming donations.

We truly live in an amazing community.

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The Winfred MPO has launched an online public survey

The Winchester – Frederick County Metropolitan Planning Organization has launched

an online public survey to gain insights on residents perceptions of transportation needs in the

greater Winchester area. The survey results will inform and guide decision makers as they

prioritize transportation related projects for inclusion in the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation

Plan. The survey can be found at and will be

available in both English and Spanish through January 31st.

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New Building will bring trades classes to Fauquier campus of LFCC

luray-page county center

Construction of a new building dedicated to the skilled trades on the Fauquier campus is expected

to begin in February and be open for classes in the fall of 2022.

With the new building, the college will be able to expand their class options and offer trades classes for the

first time. Start a new carpentry program as well as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and heavy equipment operator.

The foundation which will own the building and lease it to the college, has established the Building the Future Fund, with a

fundraising goal of 1.5 million. The money raised will go towards fully equipping the site.

For more information or to donate to the Building the Future Fund, contact Tami O’Brien, development officer, at 540-351-1046


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“They Pull Me Back In!”

Greetings from The Booth!

As you prepare for your Thanksgiving feast and hopefully long weekend, a HUGE thanks to everyone who had a hand in making our 13th Camping For Hunger a big success again this year. Last week we raised almost $10 thousand in cash plus a full bus of non-perishable food that will enable Front Royal/Warren County CCAP feed our neighbors in the months to come. To you who donated, our drop-off locations, local law enforcement, and sponsors, we can’t thank you enough. Once again, and incredible example of a community coming together for a common cause. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

Remember the famous line from one of the Godfather movies: “every time I try to leave, they pull me back in!” ? Or something to that effect. The Washington Football team has done that to me. Left for dead at 2-6, I was content to find other things to do on a Sunday afternoon, and for the first time in my life had no aversion to turning the game off before it was over. Well, look what has happened…again. The Football Team has reeled off 2 consecutive victories against the likes of Tom Brady & the Bucs, and the Carolina Panthers. All of a sudden, there are those who are daring to use the “P” word (cue Jim Mora’s famous “Playoffs! rant). While I’m not ready to take that leap, the last two Sunday’s have been fun, if not nail-biting, as the WFT has improved to 4-6, with 2 winnable games ahead. I think I just jinxed ’em.

Washington has become relevant again, thanks in no small measure to the quarterback play of Taylor Heinicke. The journeyman from Old Dominion has played with confidence the last two weeks, and looks like he’s having fun. He is playing with a gunslinger mentality, much like his idol Brett Favre. Heinicke is taking advantage of his second-chance opportunity in the NFL, and is performing like someone with nothing to lose. In the last two games, he has outdueled the GOAT (Brady) and took the spotlight away from Cam Newton, who was supposed to have made his triumphant return to Carolina on Sunday. Heinicke’s supporting cast has stepped and made big plays, too. WR Terry McLaurin is an absolute beast, while a trio of running backs hammered the Panthers for an old-school 190 yards.

And, has anyone noticed that the defense has played much better the last 3 weeks, giving up just an average of 20 points per contest? The loss of Chase Young for the season is certainly a big-picture loss, but last Sunday the defense performed as a team, instead of a collection of individual parts.

So, here we are again, at a place we WFT fans seem to be every season, playing the game of “if we beat this team, and so-and-so loses to so-and-so, we’ve got a chance to make the playoffs.” With a home Monday night game looming against the 3-7 Seahawks and a road contest against the 5-5 Raiders, 6-6 looks possible, leaving a stretch run against mostly division opponents. Maybe, just maybe…

Like Al Pacino, I think I’ve just been pulled back in.

Until the next visit from the Booth, Happy Thanksgiving, Hail WFT…and GO HORNETS!


News Maker Robbie Seal on Camping for Hunger donations

Camping for Hunger is wrapping up as drop off locations trickle in with your donations.

Yesterday Nov. 22 Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy Robbie Seal dropped off what he collected at the various trash convenience sites last week.

We spoke to Robbie about the success of the effort in our latest News Maker.

The good news is brought to you by the town of Front Royal.

Robbie spoke on how grateful he and Warren County Sheriff Butler were on your support of the effort.

Robbie also told us some ideas on how to make next year’s Camping for Hunger even more effective and productive.

Your efforts will feed thousands in Warren County through the Congregational Community Action Project (C-Cap).

Thank you for your support of Camping for Hunger.

Click here for Robbie’s interview.

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Front Royal Police Detective stops a crime in Wytheville

A social media post from the Front Royal Police Department commends the actions of Detective Marc Ramey while off duty.

While on vacation with his family in Wytheville Detective Marc Ramey observed a domestic situation.

During the altercation a suspect brandished a weapon.

That’s when Detective Ramey stepped in and identified himself as an off duty police officer.

That caused the suspects to flee but Ramey was able to provide a detailed description of the suspects and the car they left in.

Thanks to Ramey’s information Wytheville law enforcement were able to track and apprehend the suspects in a short period of time.

Wytheville Police were able to arrest a 17 year old in the incident.

The young person now faces a number of charges including under aged possession of a firearm.

The juvenile is now being held in the Juvenile Dentition Center in Bristol Virginia.

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Samuel’s Public Library offers home COVID-19 testing kits

Library Laptop and Hot spot Lending Program

An email from Samuels Public Library announced that home COVID-19 testing kits are now available through Dec. 31 at the library.

Samuel’s Library joined libraries across the state and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) in an effort to bring testing to more rural and remote communities.

A virtually guided COVID-19 antigen card home test is for use in your home with digital results in 15 minutes.

A person using the test will need an internet connected device enabled with a camera and a microphone, smartphone or laptop to be a part of the virtual testing session.

More on Samuel’s Public Library and the program is available here.

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