Loudoun County Deputy is injured in an arrest

A Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Deputy was injured while investigating a crime spree according to a social post.

According to the post three suspects were apprehended after attempting to rob a Target store after hours.

While attempting to stop the thieves a LCS’s Deputy was struck by their fleeing vehicle.

The Officer was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

The three suspects involved in the robbery were apprehended without further incident.

The three are all teens from New York and are being investigated for similar robberies in Maryland and Virginia.

All three suspects remain in incarcerated.

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SCSO seeks information on car burglaries

International Automotive Components Group

A social post from the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) shows they are investigating several vehicle break ins.

The break ins occurred in both Toms Brook and New Market since last Wed. Jan. 26.

Credit cards, purses, keys and backpacks have all been reported stolen.

Authorities track some credit card use to the Walmart in Woodstock.

The suspects appear to be traveling in a white subcompact crossover SUV.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office at (540) 459-6101.

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Stafford County Authorities arrest suspected abductor

The Stafford County sheriff’s Office announced in a social post the arrest of an abduction suspect.

The arrest of 34 year old Steven Randall Williams of Stafford occurred after being suspected of the attempted abduction of  a 9 year old girl.

The girl was walking home from school when Williams reportedly approached her asking for directions when he forced her into his car.

When Williams went around the vehicle the girl unlocked the door and managed to escape.

The girl was able to report the incident to police who placed all forces on alert.

The investigation led to Williams’ house where he barricaded himself in for almost 5 hours.

Authorities tried repeatedly with various methods to get Williams to come out to no avail.

Finally Williams surrendered and is currently being held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail awaiting evaluation and bond hearing.

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VH exceeds goals in United Way Campaign

Valley Health (VH) announced in a social post that its fundraising for United Way (UW) fair exceeded its goal.

VH employees through a wide range of fundraising efforts such as donations, payroll pledge deductions and fundraising events help support the UW organization throughout the region.

Fundraising events brought in over $21,000 while employee pledges brought in almost $123,000 alone.

A total of approximately $145,000 was accumulated by the VH UW campaign Aug. through Dec. this past year.

This was far and above their goal of $130,000 in VH’s effort to help the UW and the community.

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VDH launches mental health website for COVID-19 stresses

pandemic metrics dashboard

A social post from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) announced the launching of online mental health relief from the stresses of COVID-19.

Statistics show that COVID-19 can have a major impact on our mental health.

Many people suffer anxiety and emotional distress from the pandemic especially those treating and caring for those with COVID.

VDH has launched Mission 16 an online resource for COVID-19 community ambassadors to relieve that stress.

The site is an online hub for resources and tools for anyone who needs relief from the emotional or mental stresses of COVID-19.

The site is also for anyone who can spare time to help keep Virginians safe from the pandemic.

For more information on Mission 16 or about how to become an ambassador click here.

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RIP, Dr. Johnny Fever

It’s a sad Monday in the Aire-Serv Studio this morning as we remember the passing of actor Howard Hesseman this weekend. In case the name isn’t familiar, perhaps his iconic character Dr. Johnny Fever is. Fever was the morning DJ at “WKRP in Cincinnati,” the CBS TV comedy that was near and dear to my heart back in the day. I think any radio morning personality my age was influenced in some way by Hesseman’s Johnny Fever. Fever was the stereotypical grizzled radio veteran who probably bounced around from gig to gig, coffee mug in hand, and landed at ‘KRP among the other misfits like Venus Flytrap and Les Nessman.

For years I always compared the morning DJs I worked with to Johnny Fever, and there were some who fit the mold perfectly. And as funny as WKRP was to non-radio people, it was even more funny to those of us who aspired to be on the radio someday.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite episodes of WKRP that centered around Johnny Fever:

“Hold Up” from 1978: Anyone who has ever worked on the air at a radio station has done a live broadcast where no customers showed up. This happened to Johnny at Del’s Stereo Shop. Adding to the disaster was one “Bob Boogie” showing up to rob the place during the remote. Turns out, Bob Boogie, an out of work DJ desperate for a job, holds up the place as a publicity stunt to get hired. Fortunately, that never happened to me in my 40-plus year career!

“The Contest Nobody Could Win” from 1979: Giving away money or a prize you don’t actually have is a recurring nightmare for a DJ, one that has us waking up in night sweats. This happened to Fever, as a caller nailed an “impossible” music montage and won $5000. The problem was that the prize was supposed to have been only $50. Johnny keeps his job but has to agree to a payment plan to reimburse the station.

“An Explosive Affair” from 1981: Another thing that’s never happened to me is a bomb threat to a radio station. When such a threat is called in to WKRP, the DJs have to retreat to the transmitter site to broadcast. During the ordeal, a paranoid Johnny is convinced he’s being spied on by “phone cops.”

Somewhere this morning, Dr Johnny Fever is opening up the microphone and saying “Booger.”


LFHD and Dollar General partner for vaccines

rabies risk in strasburg

The Lord Fairfax Health District is partnering with Dollar General stores around the valley to provide free COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine clinics will be held at various locations throughout the valley starting Tuesday, February 8th and continue on each Tuesday and Saturday through the rest of the month.

The Dollar General locations in rotation include Stephens City, Middletown, Toms Brook, Edinburg, and Shenandoah.

Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be available for anyone over 18 and Pfizer for 5 and up.

Boosters will be given to those eligible and please bring your previous vaccination card.

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Paint party for Strasburg girls basketball

cares act distribution

The Crafting Underground is hosting a paint party to support the Strasburg middle school, JV, and varsity girls basketball teams.

The event will be held at the Strasburg Community Center from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday.

Tickets are still available on their Eventbrite page.

Master artist Janae Jenkins and her assistant, Debbie Benson, will lead the class and have all the needed supplies ready to go.

Finger foods and nonalcoholic refreshments also come with the purchase of a ticket.

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HRLS prepares for used book sale

The Handley Regional Library System is collecting gently used books, CDs, DVDs, video games, and sheet music for their upcoming Spring Used Book sale.

VHS, cassette tapes, and Readers Digest books are no longer accepted.

Volunteers will be accepting donations today from 9 am to noon at Bowman Library.

Proceeds from the book sales benefit the Clarke County, Handley, and Bowman Libraries.

The next used book sale is scheduled for April 5th through the 9th at the Bowman location. 

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