News Makers Magalis and Cline on Warren County Drug Court

Warren County Drug Court is closer to becoming a reality.

We spoke to Front Royal Police Captain Crystal Cline and Chief Kahle Magalis about it in our latest news maker.

News makers are brought to you by Warren County Together We are Community.

Crystal tells us the Drug Court will be represented at the annual National Night Out Aug. 2 at the Gazebo in Front Royal from 6 to 9 p.m..

Kahle tells us what it takes and what it is going to take to get the Drug Court in Warren County.

Both are confident that the Drug Court will be a reality in a year or possibly less.

Click here for Crystal and Kahle’s interview.

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Front Royal business man is sentenced to 6 months

front royal town hall

Front Royal business man William Huck was sentenced to 6 months in jail.

Once Huck is released Supervised Probation has been order.

The sentence was handed down on Wednesday July 27 according to Culpepper General District Court documents.

Huck was found guilty of a class one misdemeanor count of sexual battery in an incident that occurred in February.

According to a previous Culpepper Police Report Huck was accused of making unwanted sexual advancements toward an adult female while attending the Downtown Carnival on February 26.

Others who were traveling with the group intervened to stop the advancements.

The report indicates that alcohol may have been a factor.

The Culpepper Police Department received a third party complaint on March 3 with the victim confirming it.

Huck has been free on bond since his arrest by Warren County Sheriff’s Deputies on April 1.

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River Report: 8-1-22

In today’s Shenandoah River Report, Riverkeeper Mark Frondorf talks about the best time of day to catch fish. Do you really need to need to be on the river at the crack of dawn? Give a listen, courtesy of Front Royal Outdoors, where Don Roberts and his crew can help you plan your Shenandoah River adventures. Visit and find out more!

Loudoun County Authorities are assaulted during arrest

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office reports receiving a call from the Sterling Costco about a larceny in progress.

When Deputies arrived Tues. July 26 around 1 p.m. they confronted the subject who began to resist.

Ashburn resident Sady Ashkar not only resisted but began to assault the Deputies.

One Deputy was able to tase Ashkar to no effect.

Ashkar began to flee towards the front of the store where he was confronted by employees and bystanders stopping his escape.

Ashkar continued to resist at one point tackling a Deputy and grabbing the Officer’s taser and throwing  it.

Then Ashkar tried to acquire the Deputy’ s holstered pistol.

By that time other Officers arrived and were able to tase him again before he was placed under arrest.

As Ashkar was being evaluated by Emergency Medical Personnel he assaulted a Loudoun County Rescue Medic.

Ashkar was taken to a local hospital for evaluation before transportation to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center where he is held without bond.

The 32 year old Ashkar was served multiple warrants for assault on law enforcement and rescue personnel.

Ashkar is also charged with trying to disarm an Officer, resisting arrest along with larceny and shoplifting charges.

One Deputy was transported to the hospital treated and released for minor injuries.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is grateful to the citizens and employees for their assistance in the arrest.

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News Maker Tim Bristol on Clarke Co. National Night Out

All week we have been telling you about National Night Out set for Tues. Aug.2.

Frederick County National Night Out is reviewed by news maker Lenny Millholland here.

News Makers Chief Magalis and Captain Cline tell us about Front Royal Warren County set up here.

In today’s news maker we spoke with Sergeant Tim Bristol about Clarke County’s National Night Out.

News makers are brought to you by Warren County Together We are Community.

Tim tells us where National Night Out will be held in Clarke County.

He also tells us that the band Jumptown will be entertaining the crowd this year.

National Night Out is a great chance to become familiar with the men and women of law enforcement and first responders in our area.

We at the River 953 and Sports Radio 1450 encourage you and the family to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know and thank those that serve.

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