News Maker Tony Carter on WHS’s Christmas open house

The Warren Heritage Society (WHS) on Chester Street Front Royal is hosting a Christmas Open house December 14.

We spoke with WHS archivist Tony Carter about the event in our latest news maker.

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First Tony offers some of the interesting facts about the town of Front Royal that can be found at the WHS.

He goes on to tell us specifically about the Christmas open house.

Tony also has some tips on how to keep track of your own family and their history.

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Missing Front Royal resident’s remains found

police radios

The Front Royal Police Department (FRPD) announced the reception of  information last month from the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) regarding the discovery of unidentified human remains in their jurisdiction.

After DNA testing, statistical analyses and other facts and circumstances surrounding the case, it was determined that the remains were those of missing Front Royal resident Kevin Smith.

He was first reported missing on January 28th, 2020.

FRPD thanked FCPD, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and the Virginia Department of Forensic Science for their help on the case.

Chief Magalis added, “This is certainly not the outcome we had hoped for regarding the disappearance of Mr. Smith. We give our condolences to the Smith family during this very difficult time.”

If you have information regarding the case, contact Detective M. P. Galagher at the Front Royal Police Department.

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PCSO offers an update on abused animal

The Page County Sheriff’s Office announced an update in the case of the abused dog that was rescued from the Egypt Bend Road area.

The dog was found deliberately chained to a fence and unable to move in late November.

The dog is in good spirits and is being well taken care of at the local animal shelter.

Until the conclusion of the investigation the Sheriff’s Office cannot offer any information regarding adoption of the dog.

The Animal Control Officers in charge of the case are in consultation with the Commonwealth’s Attorney with all developments.

The case is still an active investigation, and all leads are being aggressively pursued.

Where the Sheriff’s Office is receiving constant request about the animal, they cannot offer much more information until the conclusion of the investigation.

Anyone with any additional information in this case or any case of animal cruelty should contact the PCSO.

Contact Deputy Erica Nations at the PCSO at 540-743-6571.

It is part of the PCSO’s  mission to be the voice of any animal that is abused and bring justice for our four legged friends.

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Warren County appoints new Finance Director

Warren County announced in a press release the appointment of Alisa Scott as the new Finance Director.

She was originally hired as the Deputy Finance Director on November 15, 2022 before interviewing and receiving the offer for Director.

She began her career in the private sector before beginning as an Administrative Assistant for Frederick County Government and then managed purchasing for the Town of Front Royal from 2018 to 2021.

Mrs. Scott will assume the role immediately and work with the outgoing Finance Director, Matt Robertson.

County Administrator Dr. Ed Daley spoke on her appointment praising the “significant strides in the County’s financial reporting and transparency” since she joined Robertson’s team.

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News Maker Hannah McDonald on receiving a Cline document

The Patsy Cline Historic House will receive an essay from Frederick County Public Schools on Dec. 16 at 11 a.m.

The essay was written by Patsy Cline in 1948 as a student in Gore Virginia.

We spoke to Patsy Cline Historic House Director Hannah McDonald in our latest news maker.

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Hannah tells us about the document and its condition.

She also tells us how the essay will be preserved and shown to the public.

Hannah also tells us how you can donate Patsy Cline memorabilia should you have any.

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