News Makers Royal Broadcasting staff on the holidays

Happy Friday before Christmas.

Are you ready for the holiday?

We thought it would be interesting to see just how ready or not the staff at Royal Broadcasting are in our latest news maker.

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We hear from members of the staff that you don’t hear from often.

We also hear from members of the staff that you hear from everyday and we thank you for listening in.

One thing for certain all of us here at Royal Broadcast wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday no matter what you are celebrating.

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Emergency Crews across the region prepare for storm’s impact

Emergency personnel across the region report being ready for the impact of the coming weather conditions.

Personnel continue to monitor the projected storm system and potential effects and impact of the wind and wind chill advisories.

First responders have already handled over 20 emergency calls in the first 10 hours of the first storm.

Emergency crews are preparing for the impact with refreezing already being reported particularly in the higher elevation.

911 Emergency Communications Centers remain fully staffed.

All response vehicles are prepared for frozen roads, traffic crashes, cold weather exposures, downed trees and power outages.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is warning of treacherous travel conditions and are prepared for treatments of roads where needed.

Caution is recommended and if possible, wait as late in the day as possible to do any travel.

If possible, remain safe at home and enjoy the holiday weekend.

Join the River 953 in thanking all emergency personnel in sacrificing their holiday to protect and serve us.

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RIP Franco

views from the booth header v2

(Season’s) Greetings From The Booth!

Happy Holidays, everyone! It’s nice to be back in the Booth after a week of Christmas vacation, especially when that week included a power outage and a tree branch causing about $4000 to my vehicle. So much for a nice, relaxing vaycay!

I was sad to hear of the passing of the great Pittsburgh Steeler running back, Franco Harris, who died this week at age 72. His death comes just 2 days shy of the 50th anniversary of arguably the most controversial play in NFL history (and maybe the greatest). The play, known as The Immaculate Reception, is certainly the most dissected play in league history, as it has been examined frame-by-frame more often than the  Zapruder film.

That play, which involved Franco, came at the end of an AFC playoff game between the Steelers and the Oakland Raiders on December 23, 1972. The Raiders had taken a 7-6 lead on a 30-yard run by quarterback Kenny Stabler, a lead that looked safe. With just 40 seconds left and no time-outs, Pittsburgh QB Terry Bradshaw threw a desperation pass intended for John Fuqua at the Oakland 35. The ball, Fuqua, and the Raiders’ Jack Tatum all arrived at once, and in the ensuing collision, the ball took a crazy carom backwards, where it was scooped out of the air by Harris, who streaked into the end zone for the improbable TD.

In the aftermath of the play, amidst the bedlam of Three Rivers Stadium, the officials conferred to determine whether the catch was legal. In 1972, the rule was that the ball couldn’t be touched by 2 offensive players consecutively without a defensive player touching the ball in-between. After the long confab, the catch was rule legal and the touchdown stood.  The Immaculate Reception, as it has come to be known, is considered to be the catalyst for the Steeler’s dynasty, which included four Super Bowl wins in the 1970s.

I remember watching that play as it happened in my Grandma Minnie’s living room, and as I look back on the play, I’m not sure we’ll ever witness anything like it ever again. With replay, and high-definition technology, any play can be broken down to the most minute detail, all but eliminating controversy. Not to mention, the aforementioned “no touch” rule was rescinded years ago. In a way, that’s too bad. Human error in sports with regard to officiating has added to the lore of the game. It’s “part of the game,” as the saying goes. We’re still talking about The Immaculate Reception 50 years later, and had replay been allowed in 1972, maybe we wouldn’t be.

In closing, Franco Harris did so much more on and off the field beyond his most famous reception. While active, he came close to breaking Jim Brown’s then-NFL rushing record, eventually falling less than 200 yards shy of the mark. Of course, he was an integral part of the aforementioned Super Bowl titles in the 70s. And, his charity work in the Steel City is well documented.  One play does not a Hall-Of-Famer make. This weekend, his number 32 will be retired, only the third Steeler to have that distinction. But he will always be remembered for a play that we’re still talking about 50 years later.

Until the next visit from The Booth, Rest In Peace Franco Harris!




Strasburg completes purchase of 115 King Street

cares act distribution

The Town of Strasburg announced they have officially closed on the purchase of the 115 King Street location as of Dec. 20.

The purchase of the building is the first step in providing adequate space for the delivery of town services to the citizens.

The Town Council for a number years indicated that additional space was needed.

The board made the purchase of the former bank building and property a priority.

Assessment of the property will begin in early 2023 to determine what services will work  best out of the building.

Following the design layout plan and renovations the building is expected to be completely open and in use by 2024.

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WPD investigate an incident of people held against their will

lorenzo wheeler homicide

The Winchester Police Department (WPD) report resolving a situation involving a firearm and captives inside a residence.

The incident occurred in the 200 block of East Fairfax Lane shortly after 2 p.m. Dec. 20.

Several people inside the home including children were being held by a person with a gun.

A perimeter was established, and an entry team was organized to make their way into the home.

All the people including the two children were successfully removed from the home with no injuries occurring.

With the assistance of the Winchester City Sheriff’s Office Winchester Police Officers were able to resolve the situation quickly with  a handgun being recovered from the home.

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News Maker Todd Jones on Warren County

As we do every Thursday, we are checking in with Warren County.

Todd Jones the Warren County Director of Technology joins us in our latest news maker.

News makers are brought to you by Warren County Together We are Community.

Todd has a word of caution for us when it comes to the recent weather.

He also tells us about a great chance to keep the kids busy and active during the Christmas break.

Todd also tells of good ways to stay in shape anytime thanks to Warren County Parks and Recreation.

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