Follow up on powdery substance falling in the Tri-State

The night of Feb. 23 into the morning of Feb. 24 a white powdery substance was reported falling from the sky in the tri-state area.

Reports came in from Washington County Maryland to a small portion of Frederick County Virginia.

The powder was particularly heavy and reported in Berkeley County and other parts of the Eastern Panhandle.

Senator Jason Barrett of Martinsburg reports that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s  Scott Mandirola reported on the situation.

Mandirola confirmed that samples have been collected and sent to both a forestry lab to check for pollen and to another lab to check for chemicals and other substance analysis.

Preliminary indications are that the substance came from a dust storm that originated in the southern plains of the United States.

The powdery substance was transported eastward by high altitude winds.

Accuweather was able to track the high-altitude dust all the way from the Western part of the United States according to the report.

Current samples are being tested by a geological lab to determine origin of the earthly particles.

Initial analysis did confirm that 30 percent of the material is pollen with 70 percent remaining unknown.

The Deputy Director of West Virginia’s Environmental Protection confirmed that with the high level of pollen it is safe to say the balance of the material is atmospheric.

The powder was likely not an intentional act nor an international one.

Tests are still being conducted to determine the makeup of the remaining portion of the substance.

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National Coldest Night of the Year is overwhelming success in Winchester

watts donation

The National Coldest Night of the Year (NCNOY) 5 k walk held in Winchester on Feb. 25 was an overwhelming success.

The beneficiary of the walk was the Winchester Area Temporary Transitional Shelter (WATTS) and drew over 400 people who walked downtown Winchester.

The national walk in Winchester drew the second largest group of people in the United States and took in over $66,000 in support of the shelter.

WATTS provided support to close to 300 people last year.

The community’s support of the organization was gratefully acknowledged by the WATTS Executive Director Robbyn Miller who thanked all involved and the support.

She thanked the Winchester Sheriff’s Office and Winchester Police Department for the safety provided for the walkers.

Miller adds that donations are still accepted through March 31 at Coldest Night of the Year’s website by searching Winchester right here.

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Gov. Yougkin praises the legislation recently passed

Governor Glenn announced that he praises the passage of the number of items by the General assembly.

The passage of energy regulatory reform, prioritized lowering the cost of living for Virginians by making energy affordable, reliable with consumer protection.

These efforts should save customers money on their monthly bills and support the long-term stability of Virginia’s largest electric utility.

The governor also praised the passing of legislation that all workforce programs across the state will be under the Virginia Department of Workforce Development and Advancement.

This agency will help deliver programs more efficiently and increase workforce participation.

Provide data-driven insights to improve the delivery of skill building and workforce preparedness.

The agency will create a comprehensive strategy balanced with regional flexibility.

Develop programs that better align with the needs of businesses and scale programs that work.

The agency will also create a set of measures and metrics focused on jobs filled and people retained in the workforce.

The development of the agency passed the house by a 96 to 1 vote and passed the senate unanimously.

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News Maker Nancy Silva on Community Stars event

The Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley (CFNSV) will honor two community stars on March 9.

We spoke with CFNSV Executive Director Nancy Silva about the dinner and celebration event in our latest news maker.

News makers are sponsored by Warren County Together We are Community.

Nancy tells us of the two worthy Winchester residents to be honored at the dinner and celebration.

She also tells us that the money raised at any CFNSV event goes to support some very worthy causes.

Nancy also tells us how to get involved with CFNSV.

Click here for Nancy’s news maker.

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Four Winchester residents arrested after search warrant

lorenzo wheeler homicide

The Winchester Police Department executed a search warrant on Thursday, February 23rd at 4pm on the 400 block of South Cameron Street that led to the arrest of four Winchester residents.

During the search, officers recovered several grams of Crack-Cocaine, 70 unknown pills, a handgun and $1,600 cash.

Rondelle Jackson, 51, was charged with Failure to Appear for a Warrant.

Barron Gordon, 36, was charged with Contempt of Court.

Marvin Cooley, 54, and Tavious Jones, 25, were charged with Possession of a Schedule I or II Drug.

Jones also violated his probation.

Additional charges may be made at a later date.

Link to the press release, here.

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SMH discontinues after-hours surgeries

covid-19 vaccine arrival

Valley Health (VH) announced by email that Shenandoah Memorial Hospital (SMH) will discontinue after-hours surgeries effective Mon. Feb. 27.

Patients that come to the SMH Emergency Department in the evenings or weekends and require immediate surgery will be transferred to either Warren Memorial Hospital or Winchester Medical Center.

This change helps VH regain its pre-pandemic financial stability.

Infrequently used services such as after-hours surgeries being discontinued helps to consolidate specialized staff to provide essential services.

In all of the approximately 21,000 individuals treated in the SMH Emergency Department each year less than 100 of those require surgery after hours.

SMH will continue to schedule weekday surgeries of which they preform approximately 1,900 a year.

Of course SMH will continue to offer other services like CTs and MRIs in their recently improved and expanded facility.

VH would like to stress to the community when medical emergencies occur you still will want to call 911 or get to SMH to be assessed, stabilized and transported safely when needed.

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Local NFL product inspires donation to FCPRD

walking in a winter wonderland

The Workingman’s Store in Winchester made a generous donation of $2,500 to Frederick County Parks and Recreation’s PLAY Fund which is dedicated to giving every shield the opportunity to play.

The donation was inspired by Millbrook Alum and Kansas City Chiefs Safety Nazeeh Johnson’s trip to the NFL Championship Game.

Leading up to the Big Game, the store donated 13% of all sales, a nod to Johnson’s jersey number, to the PLAY Fund which ended up reaching the $2500 total.

To learn more about the PLAY Fund, click here.

To hear Ryan Rutherford’s interview with Nazeeh Johnson before the Big Game, click here.

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News Maker Sheriff Tim Carter on Mental Health Officers

The Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) has established a division of their office to help in handling metal health calls in the Shenandoah County.

We spoke with SCSO Sheriff Tim Carter about that in our latest news maker.

News makers are sponsored by Warren County Together We are Community.

Sheriff Carter gives us a brief on how this division of his office came about.

He also tells us of some of the considerations involved in selecting officers to fill the role.

Sheriff Carter also tells us where it is early in the division’s development it appears that it is helping and working in Shenandoah County.

Click here for Sheriff Carter’s news maker.

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