City of Winchester implements a Stormwater Utility Fee

The City of Winchester announced the implementation of a Stormwater Utility Fee.

The City will join 29 other Virginia localities by implementing this stormwater utility fee starting in January.

The fee was voted on and approved by City Council in April to help develop and maintain the aging stormwater related infrastructure.

The upgrades will help prevent flooding, improve water quality and mitigate costly natural disasters.

The fee will be added to property owner’s utility bills as a supplemental charge.

The fee will average approximately $14 per month per residential property.

The fee is based on the property’s total impervious surface square footage and is applied equally to all properties in the city including tax exempt nonprofit organizations.

The City will use some of these funds to construct four wet ponds to retain stormwater runoff.

These ponds hope to aesthetically improve the North Cameron and North Kent Streets area.

By the end of 2024 ten additional stormwater capital improvement projects should be underway throughout the city.

There are methods to reduce the stormwater utility fee and additional information available here.

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City of Winchester ends drought warning

amanda behan

As of Tuesday September 26, at 5 p.m. the City of Winchester has lifted the Drought Warning stipulation that has been in effect since September 15.

Thanks to the recent rains the water level of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River has risen significantly over the last week.

Thanks to the citizens of Winchester’s conservation efforts during the drought emergency the city saw a roughly six percent reduction in water usage.

During that same period Frederick Water recorded savings of at least 2 million gallons of water daily thanks to the community’s efforts.

The conservation efforts of all customers and businesses was necessary and providers are appreciative for the communities collective effort.

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Jennifer McDonald’s trial has been delayed until October 23

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies

The Jennifer McDonald jury trial has been suspended until October 23.

Tuesday September 26 McDonald’s attorneys filed a motion to declare a mistrial which was denied by Judge Elizabeth Dillion.

The motion for a mistrial was due to the number of days lost due to what the court calls unexpected circumstances or health issues.

McDonald once again was not in court September 26 as she is recovering from surgery.

The trial began on August 21 in U.S. District Court in Harrisonburg and was scheduled for 6 weeks.

Due to those unexpected circumstances or health issues, only 16 days of actual trial have taken place.

More than a week was lost due to someone involved in the trial having tested positive for COVID-19.

Prosecutors speculated just last week that their case would conclude with only one more witness to be called.

Then one possibly two witnesses for the defense to be called.

After that closing arguments and then jury deliberation were expected but continual delays have hampered the trial.

The motion for a mistrial was due to those delays possibly tainting the jury along with other concerns.

That mistrial motion was denied by Judge Dillion without prejudice.

Harrisonburg Reporter Mario Retrosi contributed to this article.

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News Maker Joanne Koszyk C-CAP readies for Camping 4 Hunger

Both the River 953 and Fox Sports Radio 1450 are getting ready for the 15 annual Camping For Hunger campaign November 13-18.

The effort helps to support the Congregational Community Action Project (C-CAP) of Front Royal Warren County feed those in need.

We spoke to C-CAP’s Executive Director Joanne Koszyk to see if they are ready in our latest news maker.

News makers are sponsored by Warren County Together We are Community.

Joanne tells us that they have been serving more people than ever before and the extra help is always needed and appreciated.

She also tells us that volunteers for C-CAP in general are always welcome to help with every aspect of their services.

Joanne also tells us how C-CAP is adjusting to the newly opened facility on Kendrick Lane and how it has really opened up and improved services.

Click here for Joanne’s news maker.

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