Running For Lily

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Greetings from The Booth!

Well, I’m doing it again! If you remember, last year I ran my first-ever half marathon, The Third Battle of Winchester Half, to benefit my friends at Dakota’s Dream Animal Rescue. That great no-kill organization had lost their major fundraiser, a golf tournament, and having played in that event the year before, I wanted to do something to help them recoup some of those much-needed funds.

Long story short, I had always wanted to try a half-marathon and take the step up from 5K’s and 10K’s. So we combined the need with the desire and decided to make my inagural half marathon in 2023 a fundraiser for Dakota’s Dream. Specifically, the run became The Race For Liam, a really cool cat who needed costly radio-iodine treatments that would make him more adoptable. The goal was $2500, and with the help of my radio listeners and the community, we far exceeded that goal and raised $4300! I’m also happy to say that shortly after the August race, Liam was adopted into a loving home.

My goal of entering and completing a half-marathon (13.1 miles) was supposed to be a “one-and-done,” a bucket list item to be checked off.  But I wasn’t happy with my time of 2:18. I knew I could do better than that. So I entered November’s Battlefield Half Marathon in Kernstown, one of the area’s premier running events. After a 2:03 time, I was bitten by the bug.

So here we are again, getting ready for another Third Battle Half Marathon, which has been moved from August to April, to avoid last year’s 86-degree race day temperature. And, again, I will be running for Dakota’s Dream. This year’s run will be for a beautiful little cat named Lily. In medical terms, Lily has something called pectus excavatum, a malformation of the sternum and the connecting tissue attaching the ribs to the sternum. This results in a narrowing, irregularly misshapen chest (thank you Alicia for explaining this to me!). Lily has been getting x-rays every three weeks to monitor the situation. She will need three types of surgery to correct this, and will be costly.

No two years are alike, and this year I have had a few more aches and pains as I go out on my training runs. I’m sure that running over 1100 miles last year has taken a toll on these 64 year-old knees. But putting a cause to my race eases the aches somewhat, especially when there is an animal involved. My friends at Dakota’s Dream are wonderful people who depend entitrely on donations and community support. You can meet Alicia, Ken, and some of the animals most Saturdays at Pet Smart in Winchester. I will also be joining them, hopefully with Lily on hand, in the weeks leading up to the April 27th race.

If you can find it in your heart and pocketbook, visit Dakota’s Dream at where you will soon see a donation area for “Randy’s Race For Lily.” You can also find out more about Dakota’s Dream and see some of the animals up for adoption. With your help, I know we can exceed last years donations. Thank you so much in advance!

Until the next visit from The Booth…GO LILY!