Two Major Fires Hit Warren County Over The Weekend

Warren County Fire and Rescue Logo. Used by permission by Warren County Deputy Director of Emergency Services Brian Foley

Warren County Fire and Rescue (WCFR) report two major fires hit Warren County July 6.

On Saturday night, the Warren County Fire & Rescue (WCFR) was dispatched to Shenandoah Farms for a large outdoor building fire that ended up engulfing multiple smaller buildings, passenger vehicles, and a recreational vehicle.

Personal took three hours to extinguish the fire, and no injuries were reported.

Again on the same night, a dwelling fire was reported in the 10th block of West 17th Street involving four passenger vehicles in Front Royal. Due to most stations working on the Shenandoah Farms fire, additional aid was called to help stop the flames.

Two residents were treated and released on scene, with no other injuries reported.

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WCSO Communications Specialist helps deliver a baby by phone

Used by permission by the Warren County Office employee Sergeant Terry Fritts

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) reports the delivery of a baby with instruction over the phone.

July 3 at approximately 2:45 a.m. the WCSO Communications Center took a call involving a woman in labor.

Officer Levalley was on duty and calmly advised the caller and helped them through the delivery process.

At the same time Levalley dispatched emergency medical personnel to the scene.

Levalley continued to provide critical instruction until the medical personnel arrived.

Less than one minute after the arrival of the newborn at 2:55 a.m. medical personnel were on the scene and delivered all to the medical facility for proper care.

Just one example of the proper training and commitment of the communications center staff of an emergency communication center who are on call 24 7 365 days a year.

Thank you Officer Levalley and congratulations to the new parents.

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Front Royal Cardinals To Induct Player Into Their Hall Of Fame

valley baseball league

The Front Royal Cardinals will be inducting Jeff Manto, a professional MLB player into the Cardinals Hall of Fame on July 11th.

Jeff Manto played for the Front Royal Cardinals in 1984, eventually being drafted into the MLB a year later by the California Angels.

Manto has played for Angels, Orioles, Yanks and others spending at least a year with each team.

A look at Manto’s statistics and teams is found here.

He played professionally for sixteen years and was part of three World Series teams.

Manto is a two-time Minot League MVP and also shares two American League records.

Come out to support on July 11th for a night of fun at Bing Crosby Stadium.

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News Maker Lenny Millholland on the Battle of the Badges blood drive

Once again this year the American Red Cross is holding a Battle of the Badges Blood Drive July 12.

The battle pits the Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department against the Sheriff’s Office with the winner getting a trophy at the end of the drive.

We spoke to the last three years running trophy winner Sheriff Lenny Millholland in our latest news maker.

News makers are sponsored by Warren County.

Experience Warren County Where History, Nature, and Family Come together.

Sheriff Millholland tells us how the battle works and how important the blood drive is.

He tells us that he will be there and Ghost the new Canine addition to his office will make an appearance as well.

Sheriff Millholland also breaks it down and tells us that bottom line is the need for blood donors is important and needed.

You can make that appointment for a donations by clicking right here.

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