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A New Year’s Wish List for SU

7 January 2016 Views From The Booth

Greetings from “The Booth”! I hope 2016 has started well for all of you, and I hope the new year brings success and prosperity to you. Here at WZRV radio, we are asked to put together a “wish list” to start the new year. This can include everything from new equipment, to improvements to the building, to personal wishes. At the start of every year, we collectively take a look at not only the new wish lists, but last year’s lists to see how many of those items we have “checked off.”

With that exercise now explained, I thought I would compile a “wish list” for Shenandoah University Athletics in the upcoming year. I have not included all the SU sports teams on my list, but in a general sense I certainly wish for lots of wins and ODAC titles for all. Specifically, here are some wishes I have for the Hornets:

Some Size for Men’s Basketball: In basketball, nothing takes the place of a few 6-10 “bruisers” or 6-11 “skyscrapers” who can block shots, rebound, throw down dunks,  and generally take up space in the paint. Maybe it’s me, but it seems that just about every ODAC team has these except SU.  I know “big men” don’t grow on trees, especially at the D-3 level, but it would be nice to have a few dressed in Hornet red and midnight blue…

A Brand New Gym: This would certainly seem to be the next logical addition to the ever-growing SU campus, and I truly believe I will see a new multi-purpose showplace sooner than later. With the absence of athletic scholarships at the Division 3 level, a state-of-the art stadium or gym is a priceless recruiting tool. Shingleton Gym has it’s charms & history, but is no match for facilities like The Freeman Center at Christopher Newport University when it comes to luring talent.

Another Trip to Appleton for SU Baseball: In case you didn’t know, Kevin Anderson has built quite a little dynasty at Shenandoah. His baseball teams have played in 2 D-3 World Series in recent years. The Hornets are perennial 30-game winners, and are the defending ODAC baseball champs. Players want to come to SU to play baseball. Thus, the roster is always seemingly overloaded with talent…and winning breeds winning.

A Winning Season for Football: As the play-by-play voice of SU football, I am closer to this program than any other. Coach Scott Yoder has been a great hire for Shenandoah. His youthful energy has breathed life into a program that has had very few winning seasons. SU football is wide-open,competitive, and exciting. The last 3 seasons have been highlighted by upset wins, and some of the top players in the ODAC. Now, if we could just get past 4-6…

For all the athletes at SU, here’s to getting stronger, faster, and staying healthy in 2016. Oh, and some championship banners to hang…maybe in your new field house (?)