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News Maker George Rutter on your help with Camping for Hunger

Former Front Royal Warren County Congregational Community Action Project (C-Cap) President George Rutter wanted to thank the community for it’s support of Camping for Hunger. We spoke to George about that in

News Maker Joanne Koszyk on Camping for Hunger numbers

Preliminary numbers are in for the 13 annual Camping for Hunger Campaign. We say preliminary because what is on the bus continues to grow as drop off locations are still

Camping for Hunger totals

We have exceeded last years totals thanks to so many people who donated to make this all possible. Reaching over 12 thousand in monetary donations as well as 8 tons

News Maker Robbie Seal on Camping for Hunger donations

Camping for Hunger is wrapping up as drop off locations trickle in with your donations. Yesterday Nov. 22 Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy Robbie Seal dropped off what he collected at

Wrapping up Camping for Hunger with drop off locations delivering

Donations continue to come in as drop off locations wrap up the 13 annual Camping for Hunger campaign by bringing in what you have donated. Pictured is Lt. Robbie Seal