A Derby Debacle

9 May 2019 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings From The Booth!

As the Spring sports schedule is about to wind down at Shenandoah University, Hornet baseball is still alive as Kevin Anderson’s squad rides a 9-game win streak into the ODAC “Final Four.” 28-11 SU had it’s ups and downs early in the season before catching fire and is now playing it’s best baseball at the right time as they hope to make it out of this weekend’s double-elimination affair and into the NCAA

Speaking of baseball, after extensive research, I think I’ve found the National’s new skipper…

BUTTERMAKER! Look for “Chico’s Bail Bonds” on the back of the Nats jerseys any day now, as they truly resemble the Bad News Bears.

Don’t forget your Mom this Sunday. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, a phone call or visit is probably all she really wants. I lost my Mom last Summer, and I wish I had called or visited more often than I did. We always think there is plenty of time, but there isn’t. Enough said.

Finally, a look back at Saturday’s 145th Kentucky Derby. I’ll start by saying that I know almost nothing about horse racing. I don’t know how to read a racing form, and I don’t have any idea what the payout amounts mean at the end of a race. I’ve only really put money down on a horse once in my life, during a night at the Charles Town Races with the late NFL great Sonny Randle, and football legend Sam Huff.
I didn’t win a dime.

But something just didn’t look right about Saturday’s controversial Derby finish. Elation was replaced by shock and heartbreak 22 minutes later when race stewards disqualified apparent winner Maximum Security and named long shot (65-1) Country House as the winning horse.

It was determined that Maximum Security came out of it’s “lane” and caused several other horses to check up in order to avoid what would have been a disastrous accident. The decision was unprecedented in the history of this storied event, as the stewards (basically video replay officials) sucked the life out of the ending by examining the incident frame by frame like it was the Zapruder film. They then issued a written statement in a cowardly fashion instead of fielding questions head-on.

Maximum Security was the better horse. Country House wasn’t even involved in the incident, and actually had a chance to overtake Maximum Security but failed to do so. The Kentucky Derby is traditionally a rough and tumble race, and there have been countless bumps, near-collisions and such. If this were NASCAR, you would simply say “rubbin’ is racin’.”

This is what we’ve come to in sports. We’ve gone over the line with trying to get calls right with endless replay delays. We’ve almost taken tackling out of football, and we’ve completely eliminated the hard slide into second base from baseball, not to mention plays at the plate.

On Saturday, The “sport” was taken out of “The Sport Of Kings.”

That’s it from the Booth. Until next visit…


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