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A Nod To Moms and More Signs Of Life

7 May 2020 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings From The Booth!

First things first this week: If you’re still lucky enough to have your Mom around (I lost mine 2 years ago), please remember her this Sunday. Because of the pandemic, you may not be able to physically visit her, but we have this technological advancement called a telephone. Your Mom may not be up to speed on Face Time or Zoom, but she probably can answer a phone. Call. And, flower shops are open and delivering (a great way to support small business!).

Remember, Mom is the one who always had to make executive decisions when Dad said “go ask your mother.” My Mom instilled in me a love of reading, made sure my Little League uniform was always clean,
and always made sure I got my new pair of “Chucks” ($9.99 at Coaches Supply in Martinsburg) every year before school started. In college, she always sent me “care packages” from home, and when I totaled a car one night while attending Alderson-Broaddus College, she helped me get another one. I’ll never know how she made that happen.

Looking back, to put a value on the sum total of all that my mom did for me would be impossible. There is no price. At the end, I never really thanked her for those things, big and small. I regret that. So please, honor your mother on her day.

In our continuing segment “What Sports I Watched This Week,” last night I revisited the Caps’ Game 7 win against Las Vegas in the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals. The pure joy of Alex Ovechkin reaching the promised land was even better the second time around. As mentioned last week, I am hooked on the Michael Jordan doc “The Last Dance,” and episodes 5 & 6 and focused on the USA Dream Team, Jordan’s gambling, and his “foils” like Tony Kukoc. I also watched the singles matches of the 2016 Ryder Cup, and some of Ric Flair’s greatest WWE moments, including the Nature Boy’s retirement match with Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid. WHOOO!

But I am really, really, really longing for some live sports, and I think we’re getting closer. MLB is asking for it’s teams to submit their return-to-play protocols by next week, and is looking at a mid-June spring training, with an early July regular-season start (wouldn’t July 4th be a fitting bit of symbolism for The Great American Comeback?).

And, the NFL said this week that they plan to start their season on time, and are punctuating that with a 3-hour special tonight to unveil their 2020 schedule. I’m not sure we need 3 hours to highlight a schedule, but for those of us longing for football, this may get us juiced.

That will happen for me when I know there’s going to be college football. In a week where 2-inch “murder hornets” were in the news, the only Hornets I want to hear about are the ones wearing red and midnight blue, and playing on the Sprint Field at Shentel Stadium.

Until next visit…stay hopeful…and GO MOMS, and GO HORNETS!


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