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A Salute to Sea Monkeys & SpaghettiO’s

17 May 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings from The Booth!

We take a break from gathering animals in groups of 2, as the area is under a flood watch and we brush up on the word “cubit.” Hopefully, there is a big payoff at the end of all this rain in the form of lush fairways and greens that hold my iron shots!

As I write this week’s post, the Shenandoah Hornet baseball team is playing it’s opening round game in the NCAA Mid-East Regional tournament in Michigan, against perennial power Marietta (Ohio).  SU ran the gauntlet with an unblemished 3-0 ODAC tournament, a tourney that featured 3 nationally-ranked teams, so the Hornets should be battle-tested as they try to get to the D-III World Series in Appleton, Wisconsin. Good Luck SU!

The much-anticipated Nationals-Yankees series this week never materialized, as the storms wiped out a matchup between the Nats’ Max Scherzer and the “Murderer’s Row” of the pinstripes, as well as a 3-3 suspended game from Tuesday night.  We may have National’s baseball again sometime in June…

And the Capitals came back to earth with a “thud” after losing Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference Final against Tampa Bay.  Although not an elimination game,  I think Game 4 is an almost “must win” for the Caps, who do not want to go back to Florida tied at 2 games apiece, especially after being up 2-0.

This week featured 2 things that took me back to the Summer’s of my youth, mostly spent at my Grandma Minnie’s house in Martinsburg.  One day this week was Sea Monkey Day (for some unknown reason. You may remember those somewhat deceiving ads for “Sea Monkeys” in comic books that featured cute aquatic creatures doing things like playing football.  Sea Monkeys creator-marketer Harold Von Braunhut bought over 3 million pages of comic book ads throughout the 60’s and 70’s, and he certainly hooked me. I absolutely had to have Sea Monkeys. I pestered my Grandma over and over until she finally broke down and gave me the money to send away for the so-called “Instant Life.” I couldn’t wait for my package to come in the mail so I could watch my Sea Monkeys do everyday things, as depicted in the ads.

Imagine my disappointment, when my Sea Monkeys turned out to be brine shrimp, who looked nothing like the human-like animals in the comic book ads.  After following the multi-step instructions, one needed a magnifying glass to see the little specs flittering around in the water.  Sea Monkeys were my first taste of “truth in advertising.”

And it was also “SpaghettiO Day” this week.  You could count on my Grandma Minnie always having several things in her house during the Summer:  Nutty-Buddys & Ice Cream Sandwiches in the freezer, and a pantry well-stocked with can after can of SpaghettiO’s.  My favorite were the SpaghettiO’s with the little meatballs, and there was nothing better than a lunch of SpaghettiO’s and either butter bread or a P&P loaf sandwich.

SpaghettiO’s are so iconic and such a part of pop culture, that there is at least one episode of The Walking Dead where someone is eating these wonderful pasta rings in the tangy tomato sauce.

I’m not sure Sea Monkeys can survive a zombie apocalypse, but I certainly will if I can find a stash of SpaghettiO’s, even the ones with the sliced franks…

That is it from the Booth! Stay dry, everybody…and GO HORNETS!


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