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A Take On Tiger

SU field oversight
SU field oversight
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Greetings from The Booth!

Nice to be back after a week on “Winter Break,” which was spent mostly bonding with my new puppy (I have the chew marks on my hand to prove it) and digging out cars from my driveway. No trip to Cancun this year…

Although I won’t be at Jopson Field to broadcast , the Shenandoah University Hornets are going to play a football game Saturday against Bridgewater. hard to believe, but the last time SU played football was mid-November of 2019. Because of COVID restrictions at BC, this will be only the 3rd game since the start of the program in 2000 that I will not be doing the play-by-play. Good luck to Coach Scott Yoder’s squad on Saturday afternoon!

Well, since everyone else has weighed in on the Tiger Woods car crash yesterday, I might as well add my take, and it’s probably nothing earth-shattering. I was somewhat amazed at the wall-to-wall news coverage, which reminded me of the infamous OJ Bronco chase from years ago.

While there is no real discussion of alcohol being involved in the crash, deputies have mentioned that the vehicle, a rented SUV, was travelling at a high rate of speed on the winding California road. Until the investigation is complete, there is only speculation. There is some talk that he was possibly late for an engagement and was hurrying to get to the appearance. Having a driver (not the golf-club variety), as so many high-profile celebs do, might have prevented the crash, but that is hindsight.

With Tiger’s injuries including several compound fractures, I couldn’t help but think of Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith and his amazing comeback from a gruesome leg injury. It took Smith 2 seasons and many surgeries before he got back on the field in 2020-21. And he isn’t 45 like Tiger. It will be a long road back.

That being said, Tiger Woods isn’t your grandfather’s 45 year-old pro golfer, with pot belly and cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He is a fitness fanatic, who would love nothing better than to step on to a tee box again, prove everyone wrong, and add yet another chapter to a career already filled with comebacks.

The book isn’t closed yet, but Augusta National won’t be the same this Spring…

Until the next visit from The Booth, Get Well Tiger, and GO HORNETS! BEAT BC!


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