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Radio sells with immediacy.
Radio sells everywhere.
Radio sells with intimacy.
Radio stars in the theater of the mind.
Radio escapes advertising’s clutter.
Radio is the cost effective medium.
Radio’s targeted advertising sells.
You’re always on the front page with radio.
  • Radio is one of the most powerful mediums in the United States, with a weekly reach of nearly 92 percent among adults.
  • Radio provides a captive audience and goes everywhere your clients and consumers do- in the car, at work, at home, and at play!
  • Advertising on The River 95.3 and Sports Radio 1450 is easy, effective, affordable and yields results!
  • The River 95.3 and Sports Radio 1450 will get your tailored message out to your potential clients and customers and will help you find the perfect fit of reach and investment.
  • The River 95.3 and Sports Radio 1450 works with all types of businesses with all types of budgets – advertising with The River 95.3 and Sports Radio 1450 is affordable.

The River is Involved!


Let’s have a conversation about your specific goals and objectives.


We will create a customized schedule, designed specifically to reach your target consumers while keeping you within your budget.

We will also write a commercial that will either help create your brand and/or bringing them knocking on your door.

Many of the schedules we create incorporate digital media, so we can hit two advertising mediums with one schedule!

Once we have your approval the commercial goes on air!


We keep the lines of communication open.

We will adjust the commercials and even the schedule as the market adjusts to you!

We are here to help you grow your business! We live, work and play in the Shenandoah Valley and want you to succeed because we share in your success!


Let’s get started! Message us your contact information and someone will be in touch with you within 24-hours!

You may call 540-635-4121 or toll free 866-391-9530 or complete the form below.