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Animal Cruelty Charges Shut Down Animal Park

12 November 2019 Winchester Frederick County News

November 12, 2019

WINCHESTER – Two Winchester residents were charged with over 40 counts of animal cruelty, and are now listed as fugitives by the Frederick County Circuit Court.

Keith A. Wilson and Christian A. Dall’Acqua were charged with 46 and 45 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, respectively, for their treatment of several different kinds of animals at Wilson’s Wild Animal Park. Dall’Acqua is Wilson’s nephew, and the two operated the park together. It was shut down by Frederick County Authorities in August, and 119 animals were seized.

A Frederick General Court trial in late August detailed the accounts of mistreatment. Bears sat on stone floors covered in feces but without food, sheep were unsheared over the summer and covered in filth, and a lion’s meal was covered in maggots. Additionally, when the Animal Park was initially raided by authorities, they found a dead cat and a lemur corpse in a freezer in the park’s gift shop.

The Frederick County Circuit Court has indicted both men for all counts of animal cruelty relating to several different species of animal.

Both men were scheduled for a Circuit Court hearing on Nov. 7, but did not show up.  A capias warrant has been issued, and authorities will have the authorization to arrest either man on sight. They will then face the same misdemeanor counts they have been indicted for.


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