Another Look

Every Friday night, a new podcast is released with the week’s “news in review” from around the Shenandoah Valley, hosted by News Director, Dylan Nicholls and Valley Today host, Janet Michael. They talk about the local stories making the news throughout the week along with any updates that may have happened since they first aired. Dylan provides additional information & background for many of the stories; Janet provides the “snark.” You can count on some friendly banter between the two and there’s almost always a storyteller moment for one of them.

Stay tuned til the end for a “duel” between Janet & Dylan for “best dumb story” from the state or national or international stage.

30: Skip the Glitter, Kids

27: How Many Pounds Does A Dirty Dilly Weigh?

26: Shooters, S.W.A.T.(ting) & #DillysGotTheHep

25: Cockroaches, Karate Kicks & Crocodiles

16: Golfing, Politics and Quid Conversion

15: The “Loopy” Episode

14: The Big Dumb

13: The Vacation Episode

12: Patti and the Donkeys

10: Tazed or Tasered?

8: Don’t Run with Scissors!

6: Forehead Tattoos vs Rude Dentist

5: Pull My Finger

4: I’m Telling the Governor!

3: (No Planes), Poo Trains & Automobiles

2: Overpasses ARE Bridges

1: Sinkholes & Fajitas