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Ashby Lee Principal Found Not Guilty in Court

5 February 2019 Shenandoah County News

The Ashby Lee Elementary School principal who was placed on leave after an accusation of assault was found not guilty in court late last week.

Both Stephen Povlish III and former Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office deputy Tabatha R. Baker-Whitacre were charged with the assault and battery of a student late last year, in relation to incidents that transpired in mid August of 2018. A Sheriff’s Office investigation revealed that Baker-Whitacre had hit a five-year-old three times in the face, and as a result she was terminated; after an accusation that Povlish had struck the same child in a separate incident, he had been placed on leave without pay on December 14th.

Povlish’s pay was held in an account during his leave period, and he received his owed back pay on January 31st as the leave period ended. Superintendent Mark Johnston said in a Monday email that an Shenandoah County Public Schools investigation into the events of August 15th and 16th is ongoing.

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