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Brinklow murderers

Attorneys appointed for accused Brinklow murderers

9 January 2020 Front Royal/Warren County News

The two Front Royal men accused of killing town resident Tristan Ryan Brinklow will begin to prepare their defenses after the court appointed each an attorney on Wednesday morning.

Richard Crouch, 30, and George Good, 28, appeared before Judge Dale Houff separately on Wednesday in the case of the alleged murder and abduction of the 20-year-old Brinklow. Crouch and Good allegedly assaulted Brinklow at a home in Front Royal and then moved his body into a refrigerator in the area of Digs Landing.

Both Crouch and Good applied for court-appointed attorneys in their first appearance but had to wait until Wednesday to get representation. Ryan Nuzzo was appointed to represent Good. Eric Wiseley was appointed to represent Crouch.

Police found Brinklow’s body on Dec. 2, but court documents show they believe the assault happened in late September 2019.

Crouch and Good were charged with murder, abduction and concealment of a body on Dec. 31. Both men were in custody for unrelated matters when they were charged. They will appear in Warren County General District Court for a preliminary hearing at 2 p.m. April 1.

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