Furrever Friday: Meet Ace


Each week, we spotlight an adoptable pet from the Humane Society of Warren County.

This week we are featuring Ace an approximate 11 month old Jack Russell mix. Be aware Ace has a bit of an attitude. Ace needs a home with old kids as he has a problem with being touched around the tail and rear. Ace does enjoy his toys. He is said to get along with other dogs and cats but slow introduction is recommended.

All adoptable cats and dogs at the humane society are altered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations.

All cats, dogs, and other small animals at the humane society are cared for by the Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic at 840 B John Marshall Highway Front Royal.

If you would like to give Ace or any of his friends a forever home, please fill out an application at humanesocietywarrencounty.com.

Once you apply and are approved, a staff member will contact you with the next steps.

You can also check out the Humane Society of Warren County’s adoptable pets on petfinder.com.

The Humane Society of Warren County offers the Pick of the Litter Thrift Shop 450 Commerce Avenue Suite E and F.

Furrever Friday is proudly sponsored by Shear Elegance Pet Boutique.

Shear Elegance Pet Boutique has been giving pets the love, care and respect they deserve since 2011.

Visit them today off John Marshall Highway and on Facebook.

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Fallout video game series visits the Shenandoah Valley

photo credit Scott Bradley Hesson with permission

The popular video game series Fallout will feature the Shenandoah Valley’s Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park in their new expansion of Fallout ‘76 titled “Skyline Valley.”

The post-apocalyptic game takes place in a world after nuclear explosions and some of the areas teased in the release included the Northern Entrance to the Shenandoah National Park and features in park locations Stony Man, High Knob, Mary’s Rock, and the Historic Rapidan Camp.

The game’s lead designer Carl McKevitt toured Skyline Drive in 2023 to ensure an accurate depiction of the area and visited some of the featured locations.

In the expansion map, players are tasked with creating trade routes along Skyline Drive, making friends or foes of the locals, and fighting off a trio of supersized robots.

Skyline Valley was released yesterday by Bethesda Softworks located in Rockville, Maryland and is available on PC, X-Box, and Playstation.

For more information or to check out the trailer, click here.

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GMU partners with NASA on first space mission

George Mason University and NASA are partnering to place an artificial “star” in orbit around the Earth.

The device will allow scientists to calibrate telescopes and more accurately measure the brightness of nearby stars and explosions of supernovae in far-off galaxies.

This mission will begin to address several challenges of astrophysics including the speed and acceleration of universe expansion.

The artificial “star” will launch in 2029 with a known emission rate of photons to compare for star brightness and shine eight lasers at optical telescopes on the ground to help with calibration.

Utilizing these more accurate measurements, scientists will be able to enhance their understanding of stellar evolution and set a foundation for future discoveries.

Once in orbit at 22,236 miles up, the artificial “star”, which is roughly the size of a breadbox, will not be visible to the naked eye but can be viewed through personal telescopes.

To learn more about the mission, click here.

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SVEC awards $26,000 in grants to local organizations

This is the latest SVEC logo used by permission by SVEC employee Public Relations Director Preston Knight

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative awarded $26,000 in grants to a dozen organizations around the region from their Operation Round Up program.

Co-op members generously donate to round up on their monthly bills for charitable causes like feeding the area’s hungry, expanding access to the arts, clothing for children, and more.

The charities are selected after a grant application process that is reviewed by the Operation Round Up Committee three times a year.

The local June recipients included Page One, Valley Educational Center for Creative Arts, Families Reaching Our Group, Love to NIC, and the Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter.

The final batch of grants will be distributed in the Fall and the grant deadline for applicable organizations will be Tuesday, October 1st.

If you’re a co-op member and would like to round up your bill, click here

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Youngkin announces expansion of innovative indoor farm

Governor Glenn Youngkin recently announced the expansion of a high-tech, indoor farm in Prince William County.

Beanstalk Farms second facility in the region will create 18 new jobs and include an investment of $4.1 million.

The farm anticipates the production of 2.1 million pounds of leafy greens and fresh-cut herbs annually.

Beanstalk Farms utilizes vertical farming and a pesticide free approach to create a sustainable agricultural system that can produce quality produce year round.

To secure the expansion project, Youngkin approved a $100,000 grant from the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Development Fund which will be matched by Prince William County.

Following the announcement on the new project, Youngkin also signed a bill to clarify the existing classifications of farm machinery for tax exemptions or rate reductions.

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WPS celebrates Grand Opening of Douglas School

malloy toyota donation

Winchester Public Schools will celebrate the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting of the recently renovated and expanded Douglas School on Saturday, June 8th at 10 am.

The former school located at 598 N Kent Street served black students during segregation in Winchester from 1927-1966.

After integration, the building was used as an intermediate, elementary and preschool before being deemed unsafe.

The City of Winchester provided funding in 2021 to begin the renovations to house the school system’s central office, a community space, and a museum on honoring the history of Douglas.

Saturday’s ceremony will include remarks from local leaders and alumni followed by a car show featuring vehicles from the school’s era of operation.

The building and museum will be open to guests and light refreshments will be served.

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New assistant superintendent for WPS and new principle for James Wood announced

Winchester Public Schools (WPS) announced by email the appointment of a new assistant superintendent.

Jennifer Buckley has been appointed to the position to replace the retiring Dr. April Bruce.

Buckley has been an educator for over a decade and most recently served as Director of Student Services in the WPS system.

Buckley looks to expand her presence in the division in her role as assistant superintendent.

Meanwhile the Frederick County School Board announced Shelly Andrews as the new principal of James Wood High School at a recent meeting.

Andrews has served as James Wood’s assistant principal for the past six years and will succeed Sam Gross who is retiring.

She brings with her thirteen years experience as a teacher at Sherando High School and nine years as an assistant principal with the first three at James Wood Middle School.

Following the announcement, Andrews said, “I was equal parts ecstatic to serve the community I love in this important position and conscious of the great responsibility of it as well.”

To connect with the James Wood family, she is setting up an engagement calendar to meet with any interested members of the school community.

The first appointments begin on July 8th and sign ups are now available by calling the James Wood office at 540-667-5226.

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Fatalities rising on Virginia’s roadways

VSP official patch and logo used by permission by Information Officer Brent Coffey

The Virginia State Police have already investigated 21 traffic crashes resulting in 25 deaths between Tuesday, May 28th, and June 4th, including two fatal crashes Tuesday this morning in Caroline and Carroll Counties.

Colonel Gary Settle, Superintendent of Virginia State Police said, “Twenty-five traffic deaths in one week should be a very serious concern for every Virginian. In order for this summer to be a safe one, we need Virginians to re-commit to safe driving habits.”

VSP are taking on a few initiatives to encourage safe travel.

Motorcyclists are welcome to a free “Ride 2 Save Lives” safety course with more information available here

State Police are also participating in the “100 Safest Days of Summer Campaign.”

This program emphasizes the role parents play in teen driving behaviors during the “100 Deadliest Days” for teen driving between Memorial and Labor Day.

Through the first five months of the year, Virginia has had 336 traffic fatalities.

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Planetary parade marches on

Stargazers and early morning commuters may have seen the planetary parade this morning around 5 am.

The celestial event occurs when Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune align from our perspective on Earth.

This occurrence was difficult to spot with the naked eye as the alignment took place while the sun was rising, but Saturn and Mars were the easiest to spot without a telescope or binoculars.

This alignment of six planets is rare, but we will see it again on August 28th and on January 8th, 2025.

A full planetary parade happens just once every 300 billion years.

This morning’s celestial alignment is the third event for space enthusiasts in the area following the recent solar eclipse and rare sightings of the northern lights across the continental US.

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Clarke County replaces historic White Post

The historic White Post in Clarke County at the intersection of White Post and Berrys Ferry Road has been replaced following the May 9th car accident that took down the previous post.

Clarke County was helped by master builder Donnie Carver of White Post Restorations to rebuild the famous marker just as he has done 15 times over the past 44 years.

Carver said a new post takes about 40 hours to build and install along with directional signs and the lantern on top.

The interior of the post is carved out to include a spot for the Clarke County Sesquicentennial time capsule from 1986.

The first step to restoration is harvesting a yellow locust tree from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

The yellow locust is always the core of the post to acknowledge Washington’s impact on the area including placing the original post when he was a young surveyor to guide travelers to the home of Lord Fairfax.

Due to the White Post’s placement in two National Register of Historic Places districts, the post must be rebuilt and placed in the same spot, no matter how many times it is hit.

To view Clarke County’s pictures of the installation, click here.

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