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Authorities across Virginia investigate swatting incidents

Used by permission by the Culpeper Police Department

Authorities across Virginia report the investigation of  several swatting incidents.

Swatting is the criminal act of making fraudulent reports of serious criminal threats or violent situations tricking law enforcement into responding.

This is a highly illegal act and law enforcement will actively pursue those who engage in such activity.

Culpeper County Authorities report being  alerted to what was reported as a triple homicide.

An unknown male called 911 to report that he had just fatally shot three family members at a home in the the 1800 block of Piccadilly circus.

After a brief and vague conversation with the dispatcher the caller hung up and the call back went unanswered.

Culpeper Police and Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and cleared the residence of one person with nothing else found matching the initial information regarding the anonymous caller.

Based on information gathered it appears it was a case of swatting with the original call coming from outside of Culpeper.

All indications are that no one at the residences was involved with no injuries found at the scene.

Later in the night swatting incidents were called in to many jurisdictions across Virginia.

Augusta County Authorities report a bomb threat was reported at Old Providence Church in Spotswood.

After thorough investigation no bomb or threat were found.

Loudon County Authorities have also reported an incident of swatting with nothing found.

Anyone with information on this type of activity should contact their local law enforcement agency.

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