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Authorities release final report on Dec. house explosion

Arlington County Police and Commonwealth’s Attorney released the final report on the December, 4, 2023 house explosion.

On June 7 the report was released stating that the explosion was intentionally set by the resident of the home.

After a thorough investigation of the blast site by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives several facts have come to light.

The resident of the home 56-year-old James Yoo had stockpiled as many as 35 gallons of gasoline in the house before barricading himself inside.

Authorities confirmed that Yoo had poured gas throughout the house before authorities began to negotiate with him.

The barricade standoff lasted for over 3-and-a-half-hours before authorities attempted entry.

Once authorities breached the front door the house exploded.

It is believed that Yoo set the explosion off himself while hiding in the basement.

Before moving to the basement Yoo had set off at least 41 flare gun shots from several locations from the back of the home.

After the blast trained agents combed the blast site and found two 5-gallon containers of gasoline and a 20–25-gallon container of gas.

Along with those items a cache of weapons were found including 2 shotguns, a 9 millimeter pistol and multiple flare guns with a large amounts of ammunition.

Neighbors told investigators that Yoo had been receiving large amounts of charcoal, lighter fluid and bleach before the December 4 explosion.

Along with just released body camera footage from police the Commonwealth’s Attorney released a 32 page report on the incident June 7.

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