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Being Cliff Clavin On Super Sunday

1 February 2019 Views From The Booth Uncategorized

Greetings from The Booth!

As we all know, the NFL season concludes this weekend with the 53rd edition of the Big Game. I’ve felt absolutely no “buzz” this week as we approach so-called “Super Sunday”. Maybe it’s the malaise of once again having those New England Patriots playing for the world championship of pro football. Or maybe it’s the hangover from the controversy surrounding the NFC Championship game. For whatever reason, it’s been a quiet Super Bowl Week, with the exception of Saints fans trying to get their game replayed with the Rams, to no avail.

Before we get back to that, a quick word about Shenandoah University basketball. This week was the one year anniversary of the opening of the Wilkins Center to the public. 2000 gathered in the shiny new Hornet digs on 1-31-18 as the Randolph Macon Yellow Jackets routed the SU men.

Almost one year later on a bone chilling night in Winchester, 309 fans were on hand to witness a 96-76 Hornet loss to those same Yellow Jackets. I know it was an 8-degree night on campus, but the game wasn’t played outdoors. And 309 was a stretch. Weather aside, it comes down to this: winning puts fannies in the seats, and it’s been a tough year for the SU men.

Ok, back to the Big Game. One of my favorite characters on the TV show Cheers (the bar where everyone knows your name) was likeable know-it-all Cliff Clavin. Clavin had a storehouse of obscure facts in his head and could weigh in on just about any subject. So, for those of you who want to be Cliff Clavin at your Super Bowl party, here are some fun facts you can spew as everyone gathers around the 7-layer dip:

This was the factoid that really blew me away: The Patriots Head Coach-QB combo of Belichick & Brady averages 53.5 years of age, while the Rams young combo of McVay-Goff averages just 28.5 years old.

For the accountants at the party, the Eagles tax bill for their Super Bowl bonuses last year is $41,000 per player.

The Rams lone Super Bowl title in 2000 is still 1 more than 12 other NFL franchises. (Can you name them?)

This year’s appearance by New England will mark the third time that the Pats have played in back-to-back Super Bowls.

The average price of a Super Bowl 53 ticket on the resale market is $7166! This game is not for you or me.

15 percent of those polled by Wallethub said they’d skip the birth of their child. Glad we have our priorities in order.

The average daily rate of an Atlanta hotel this weekend: $270. They’ll leave the light on for ya’.

The favorite Super Bowl food is pizza, tied with meat & wings.

CBS Sports projected ad sales from Super Bowl 53 is $482 million.
Where do I sign up for that sales force?

And probably my favorite: the average number of attendees for a Super Bowl Party is 17. Let’s hope when you’re doing your best Cliff Clavin impersonation with the above info that you don’t drive 16 of them away…

Enjoy the Big Game, and until next time from the Booth,


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