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Berryville issues drinking water violation notice

The Town of Berryville has issued a notice to consumers of the Berryville Water System.

Due to National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, the town must inform its residents that the water may be in violation of state regulations due to the Primary Maximum Contaminant Level for Haloacetic Acids.

The standard for Haloacetic Acids is 0.06 mg/L.

The test results for August 2023 showed that the water system exceeded the standard or maximum contaminant level.

The Town says it is not necessary to find an alternative water source like bottled water but, if you have a specific health concern, consult with your doctor.

Studies have shown that people who drink water containing Haloacetic acids in excess of the Primary Maximum Contaminant Level over many years have an increased chance of cancer.

A notice will be mailed with water and sewer bills between October 26, 2023 and November 3rd.

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