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Berryville to Undergo Sewer Main Repairs

13 September 2018 News

Planned repairs to Berryville’s sewer main will be affecting traffic flow in the town before the year’s end.

The sewer main, installed back in the 1930s, runs along East Main Street between Church and First Streets. Workers will be installing liners in pipes to fix cracks where possible as part of a project that Public Works Director Rick Boor says should be finished before winter. Not only will the repairs prevent the cracks from becoming breaks, but they will also prevent blockages and keep groundwater from seeping into the main. To make the installation possible, however, contractors will have to employ traffic control measures that could be inconvenient to Berryville residents, and there will likely be periods of work where driveways will be blocked and parking spaces will be closed. The project will cost over $177,000; to pay for it, the town will have to dip into its sewer rehab reserve fund.

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