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Bill Hall Honored by Washington Redskins

21 November 2019 Frederick County News Sports

November 21, 2019

STEPHENS CITY – The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation named Sherando Football Coach Bill Hall the “Redskins High School Coach of the Week.”

Recipients of the RHSCW receive a $2,000 donation from the Redskins Charitable Foundation to their football program, and will be invited to a special event at the end of the season to provide additional resources and training for them and their respective coaching staffs.

Hall has been the head coach at Sherando High School for 17 years. Over his coaching career he has received several accolades including Northwestern District Coach of the Year and Regional Coach of the Year. He was recognized by the Redskins not only for his on field efforts, but for how he teaches the student-athletes on his teams and for his involvement in the Frederick County community.

“He never puts winning over doing things correctly,” Sherando Athletic Director Jason Barbe said in a press release.  “One of the things that makes him most successful is his ability to let each athlete know that he cares about them. He’s a good man.”

The Redskins highlighted Hall’s effort to practice the correct safety measures with his players. Sherando uses top safety equipment and regularly practices correct tackling technique to ensure the safety of both the Warriors and their opponents on the gridiron.

Hall also frequently appears in community functions, and helps out when he can. He reads to local children at community events, and helps out with projects around Frederick County. Hall also involves the student-athletes at Sherando in many of these activities.


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