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BRWC and VSP have important considerations for the holiday

The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center (BRWC) and Virginia State Police (VSP) remind residents that research shows that firework displays can cause a number of problems.

Research shows that wild birds can become disoriented and increase flight response.

Flocks have been recorded flying higher and further causing increased energy expenditure.

Loud and bright displays can cause animals to flee and even abandon their nest leaving their young to die.

Some humans can also negatively be affected by fireworks.

Those suffering from neurological disorders can be affected by fireworks as well.

BRWC and VSP ask that you consider one of the many professional displays in the area as opposed to setting off your own fireworks.

There are a number of fireworks starting tonight July 1 through July 5.

Many of the area displays are listed here.

Always be sure to secure your pet and check on people who might be negatively affected by fireworks.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day weekend.

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