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BRWC- Pet of the Week

Blue Ridge Wildlife Center’s patient of the week was a grey tree frog.

It is that time of year where many people bring in their potted plants for the winter.

This grey tree frog experienced just that , as the plant he was hiding on got moved

into a warm room for winter.

Because of the warmer temperatures the frog stopped preparing for winter and became

more active finally being discovered by the owner.

After becoming acclimated to the warmer temperatures , and the lows have been below freezing

it was decided it would not be safe for the frog to be placed back outside.

Instead the frog was brought to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

If you want to avoid potentially disturbing wildlife, bring in your plants early before temperatures drop too low. That way if you do happen to find a stow away , you can simply place them back outside with plenty of time to find a new winter home.

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