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Camping, and Coming Indoors

18 November 2016 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings from the Booth (and The Bus)!

As I write this week’s blog, I’m a bit chilly, I need a hot shower, my feet are frozen, but my heart is warm, as our Northern Shenandoah Valley has once again come together as one to feed our area hungry. The River 95-3/WZRV “Camping For Hunger” campaign is almost over for another year, and by all accounts, the effort has been successful.

In case you’re not familiar with CFH, it’s our annual effort to throw area hunger “under the bus”.  For the entire week before Thanksgiving, our staff mans the bus 24/7, sleeping, broadcasting, and basically hanging out on a hollowed-out school bus, collecting donations of non-perishable food and money. At the end of Camping For Hunger Week, we drive the bus to a local food bank.

So much has been written and spoken recently about the divisiveness and anger in our country. It goes without saying that hunger knows no political affiliation, race, religion, or creed. We’re all just “a paycheck away” from facing the choice of paying the light bill or having food on the table. Camping For Hunger each year shows us that when we all come together for a common cause, we can accomplish great things.  There’s a lesson in here somewhere…

Finally, just a quick “post mortem” of the Shenandoah University football season, Congratulations to Head Coach Scott Yoder on the Hornet’s 6-4 campaign, the most successful since 2011, and the best season of his 4-year reign.  There were more high’s than lows, and although the season ended with 2 losses in a row, the future looks bright.  Sophomore QB Hayden Bauserman passed for almost 2700 yards, and already holds all the major passing records at SU.  Should he play 2 more years, there’s a chance that he could reach 10,000 yards for his career, a staggering number that may stand a long time at Shenandoah.

RB Cedrick Delaney finished his career as the Hornet’s all time leading rusher (and second leading receiver), and will be amost impossible to replace. But Mario Wisdom and Jalen Hudson will be back, and provided some great moments in 2016.

A young D-line will get bigger and better.  And young linebackers were pressed into action this year, and acquitted themselves nicely.

Think about this: The Hornets were just 8 total points from going into the final week having wrapped up the league title. Pretty good stuff from a team picked to finish seventh by “the experts.”

Now, it’s time to come indoors for basketball. The SU men have added height this year and are a considerably taller team. The women have a nucleus that Head Coach Melissa Smeltzer-Kraft calls her “senior class.”  This is possibly the last full season the teams will play in Shingleton Gym, as construction on the new events center is underway.

After a week on a chilly bus…the thought of a toasty gym sounds pretty good!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and until next time…







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