Stump The Duke: The Happy Days Quiz

Last week was the 50th anniversary of a TV show that a lot of us grew up with–Happy Days. The Cunningham family entered our living rooms for 10 seasons on ABC, and we all wanted to be cool like The Fonz! Ryan “The Duke” Rutherford, being twenty-something, has very little knowledge about Happy Days, so it was fun to get him out of his comfort zone in our latest “Stump The Duke” segment. Play along, and let’s see if you’re cool like Fonzie, or a Nerd like Potsie!  RW


Stump The Duke: Bowl or Not

With college bowl season on the horizon, there are so many bowl games that it’s hard to keep track. So this week’s Stumper is “Bowl or Not” as Ryan “The Duke” Rutherford is presented with five real, fictional, or now-defunct college bowl games. Play along and see if you get to spike the ball in the end zone!

Randy’s Racin’ Pics From 2023

It’s been a great year for me with regard to running. Because of my new, lighter frame, I’ve rediscovered the passion for running and have even run 2 half-marathons this year. Here’s a mini-album of pics from my races this year, including the Edward Jones 5k, Apple Blossom 10k, the Front Royal Kiwanis 5k, the Judges Give Back 5k, the Third Battle of Winchester Half-Marathon, and the Battlefield Half Marathon. See you in 2024 out on the roads!