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Category: Wake-Up Crew

Beat The Press: April 21, 2021

In this week’s “Beat The Press,” Randy & Kemp cover the news that’s off the beaten path. This edition features the Motor City Madman, The ACM Awards, and a major

Spicolli Nation Update

We are truly becoming a nation of Spicollis. For this segment we take you to Colorado, where you might see some interesting license plates. What would Mr. Hand say? Enjoy!

McDonalds Factoids-True Or False

In our latest Substitute Thursday segment, we replace DOA by celebrating the first Ray Kroc-operated McDonalds, which opened April 15, 1955, in Des Plaines, Illinois. Here are 5 Mickey-D’s factoids…are

Beat The Press: 4-14-21

It’s another edition of Beat The Press, with the stories only covered by the Wake-Up-Crew. This week, Randy & Kemp cover another TP Shortage, an asteroid near-miss, and new fair

Masters Winner or Not?

In this week’s Substitute Thursday segment, we celebrate golf’s first “major” of the year, The Masters, by replacing DOA with “Masters Winner Or Not?” Scott Bradley steps up to the

Beat The Press: 4-7-21

In this week’s Beat The Press (with a “B”), Randy & Kemp bring you the headlines of the day: North Korea shunning the Olympics, Ketchup-Pack Shortage, and a college “cannabis

Friday Five: Top 5 easter Candies

In this week’s Friday Five, as we are on the verge of Easter Weekend, we give you the results of the RetailMeNot survey of the top five Easter candies. Here

Real Or Fictional Baseball Managers

The Wake-Up Crew celebrates baseball’s Opening Day with Substitute Thursday, as Randy tries to stump Scott Bradley on Real or Fictional Baseball Managers. Let’s see how much you know about

Beat The Press: 3-31-21

Wednesday’s mean Beat The Press with The Wake-Up Crew, with as fair and unbalanced look at the news, current events, and pop culture. In this edition, Randy & Kemp have

Angry Nation Update

We gave The Friday Five a rest this week, and brought back Angry Nation Update. We are indeed a nation of folks wound tighter than an eight-day clock, as the

VSP investigate a bus and train collision

An email from Virginia State Police (VSP) Sergeant Brent Coffey states an investigation is ongoing in a collision of a bus and train in Rockingham

REC is named large business of the year

A press release from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) shows that the cooperative has been named large business of the year. The designation comes from the

Community Health: A Priority for Valley Health

Our conversation today with Dr. Jeffrey Feit, Valley Health Population & Community Health Officer and Tracy Mitchell, Director, Valley Health Wellness Services centered around how/why