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Christmas Traditions

22 December 2017 Views From The Booth Sports

Season’s Greetings from the Booth!

With Christmas approaching in the next few days, this week’s post is going to be short and sweet. In this day and age of supposedly being more connected than ever, I am worried that we are at the end of passing on traditions down through the generations, specifically Christmas traditions. The following are some of the things that I remember fondly from Christmases past and I wonder if these traditions will be followed when I am gone.

When I was a young, we would always at some point during the Holiday season drive around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. When my son was younger I would do the same thing with him, but alas, he is 17 now, and has no interest in doing something as “lame” as looking at light displays. I also think people in general aren’t as inclined to hang 50,000 twinkling lights like Clark Griswold, but instead buy “star shower” laser gizmos and decorate their houses the easy way. And what’s so special about that?

There are other traditions I remember fondly, too, like the church Christmas program, going to my Grandma Minnie’s house on Christmas Day for dinner and a second round of gifts, visiting friends and neighbors the week after Christmas so we could see what they got for Christmas, and opening one gift on Christmas Eve.  A new tradition of mine is wrapping gifts, with an endless loop of  the movie “A Christmas Story”  playing in the background.

The point is that traditions, whatever yours may be, are our link to immortality. As long as they are passed down, we will be remembered.  Once these things come to an end, we too, fade away.

So this Holiday season, take a drive and look at Christmas lights, read  ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas to your children, put a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker on the coffee table, or start a new Christmas tradition and pass it on!

From the Booth to you and yours, here’s to a wonderful Holiday Season! And until next week, and our final post of 2017,