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Civil War Trails Inc. Recognized for Recycling Effort

6 May 2019 Luray/Page County Shenandoah County Front Royal/Warren County Winchester Frederick County Clarke County News

Civil War Trails, Inc. announced last week that it has designed and is sourcing new, 100% recyclable materials.

The Civil War Trails program connects visitors to more than 1,650 sites across five states, including those in the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic DistrictThe organization was recognized by the Virginia Green Travel Alliance for “Most Innovative Green Project” after closing out 2018 by recycling 1.5 tons of acrylic. That material will be reconstituted into UV resistant sheeting that will be used for sign panels. The Trails team was also able to recycle 682 pounds of aluminum from old pedestals as well, not counting the parts they were able to reuse in the field. Senator Mark Warner described the accomplishment as a demonstration that sustainable practices are possible in the tourism industry.

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