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Clarke County minor is in custody after making a threat

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) reports that a Clarke County minor is in custody after making a threat against Millbrook High School.

The 17-year-old was interviewed and taken into custody after it was determined that they may have made a call claiming an explosive device was on school property.

Appropriate charges are to be determined and placed against the minor in the future.

It is believed the minor made the call to the main office of Millbrook High School at approximately 11:40 a.m. May 8.

Established protocols were followed by school administrators including notifying the FCSO’s  School Safety Division.

The response was immediate with the building being evacuated as law enforcement, fire and rescue and canine units conducted the required methodical search of the building.

Along with a search of the building the coordinated effort to get students to buses and parents who all had to be notified of the incident.

In all the cost of the collective effort put into the sudden change of everyone’s day was astronomical.

Governor Youngkin’s newly signed swatting law makes the person placing such a call reasonable for that cost with a possible jail term included.

FCSO Sheriff Lenny Millholland remarked on the incident saying where some might consider it a harmless prank a threat of this sort has to be taken seriously.

Sheriff Millholland asked, is a person perpetrating a joke or trying to harm our community?

In addition, a threat of this sort cost the taxpayers of Frederick County thousands of dollars..

Authorities in the state of Virginia by law can now seek financial restitution of all expenses incurred in such a case since the signing of the bill by Gov. Youngkin.

Sheriff Millholland added that no matter the age of the offender criminal charges and restitution will be sought in Frederick County.

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