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Clarke County reports the conclusion of an animal care case

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) announced the conclusion of an ongoing investigation of animals not being cared for adequately.

During the investigation 16 horses of various ages and types were seized from a county farm.

After the Sheriff’s Office took several complaints about the animals’ condition an investigation was launched.

Deputies found animals in poor condition and even some had died on the property.

State and local veterinarians were called in to confirm that the animals were not being cared for adequately.

Those confiscated animals have been moved to an equine rescue farm after initially being taken to the Clarke County Animal Shelter.

Documentation was taken on the condition of the horses included hooves, coats, sores and scares.

CCSO Animal Control Officers made previous contact with the owners of the farm regarding the conditions of some of the same animals which led to the seizure.

The CCSO takes cases of animal cruelty seriously and recommends reporting any case of suspected mistreatment.

You can call the county’s Emergency Communications Center 24 hours a day at 540-955-1334.

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