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Clarke County Sheriff’s Office Monitoring Triple J Road

26 November 2018 Clarke County News

A meeting of Clarke County’s Board of Supervisors last week revealed that the county’s Sheriff’s Office will be watching Triple J Road more closely.

The two-mile roadway, which runs from Harry Byrd Highway to Senseny Road, was recently the subject of a series of Virginia Department of Transportation speed monitoring tests. Results from these showed that just over half of the vehicles on Triple J, which is often used as a cut-through, drove at least five miles per hour over its posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. Around nine percent were found to be traveling at speeds more than five miles per hour over the limit, and a few were even detected at speeds as high as 70 miles per hour. VDOT’s Russell District Supervisor Barbara Byrd was quoted as describing such speeds on that roadway as “a death wish.” Clarke County’s Sheriff’s Office now has the data from VDOT’s test, and will use it to determine the best approach towards monitoring Triple J now and in the future.

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