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Congresswoman Wexton confirms that she has Parkinson’s

Tenth District Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton announced on World Parkinson’s Day Apr. 11 that she too has been diagnosed with the disease.

The congresswoman in a video message stated that she is doing well and has strong support from her friends and family.

Wexton went on to describe how Parkinson’s Disease starts in the brain and affects every person’s body differently.

In the Congresswoman’s case it has affected her speech, walking and balance but she explains that she will not let it prevent her from doing her job.

Wexton did say that she will likely have some good and some bad days but with her doctor’s help and treatment she will keep doing what she loves, serving the public.

The Congresswoman hopes to be a voice for and bring awareness to the struggle of those over 8 million people who have been diagnosed with the disease.

Wexton remains committed to serving for many years to come despite the disease.

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