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Public Service Announcement Guidelines

WZRV/WFTR broadcasts public service announcements on air as a community service. This service is intended to provide listeners with information about community activities in which they may have an interest.

In selecting material for free announcement on air we will conduct research and use our own judgment regarding interests and concerns of the majority of WZRV/WFTR listeners to select what announcements will be announced in the limited time available.

The following is a general set of guidelines of what type of announcements we currently attempt to schedule. We reserve the right to rewrite or edit announcements before broadcast. WZRV/WFTR does not guarantee that all acceptable announcements will be broadcast, as time is limited, and the fact that any announcement was not broadcast does not indicate that it was unacceptable.

Public Service Announcements must meet the following criteria:

  1. Announcements are only accepted from charitable, non-profit organizations and community oriented fundraising event/efforts.
  2. Content should be of direct relevance to listeners in WZRV/WFTR’s broadcast area.
  3. Announcements promoting the purchase of tickets to an event must come from organizations duly qualified to fund raise for the non-profit organization.
  4. Announcements for fundraisers at commercial establishments will not be acceptable, if only a portion of the funds are donated to charity. If an announcement can be made on how to donate to the charity/cause at a commercial establishment, said establishment will not be listed by name, only location.
  5. Announcements from churches or for church-sponsored organizations or events should be nondenominational, promote the well-being of the entire community and be open to the general public.
  6. Announcements must be received at least 2 weeks prior to event.
  7. If the organization/event is paying for advertising with any other medium it does not qualify as a PSA. Reach out to for advertising rates.
  8. In order to confirm your non-profit status, we may ask you for the following information before we agree to run your announcement:
  • Your agency’s tax-exempt identification number
  • A brief description of what services the organization provides to the community
  • How long has the organization been in existence
  • How the organization is funded

We reserve the right to refuse any request.

We do not accept announcements as PSA’s for protest rallies, political rallies, gambling trips, the sale of general merchandise, promotion of event sponsors, promotion of commercial products or services, educational courses, training sessions, religious services, raffles, bingos, Las Vegas nights, games of chance or skill, or material that may be seen as offensive.

We reserve the right to reject any announcement that, in our opinion, does not meet these guidelines (whether or not specifically identified above), is not in good taste, is not appropriate to be broadcast to our audience, or would be offensive to WZRV/WFTR, its staff, supporters or licensee.