Andrew Shearer

Founder & President of Royal Broadcasting

Andrew began his radio career in 1983 at his college radio station, Lock Haven University.  His first commercial (paid!) radio job was at WBPZ in Lock Haven, PA starting in spring 1984. He founded Royal Broadcasting in April 2000 with the intent of purchasing WZRV & WFTR. Andrew enjoys working with a committed staff of professionals who take things as seriously as he does when it comes to serving the market, but still enjoy the sillier side of life. An avid runner, Andrew pairs his running shoes with every suit for every meeting.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  Chief cook and bottle washer

What are your favorite sports teams?  I’m a fan of the black & gold (Pirates, Penguins, Steelers)

What is your social media network of choice?  Talking face to face

Mike O’Dell

Vice President


Mike has spent more than 35 years in the radio business.  He started as a part-time DJ in his hometown of Beckley, West Virginia to earn a few extra dollars while going to college.  His father is in the West Virginia Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame and it’s him that Mike credits for his getting into the business; though he says he tried to talk him out of it. Mike served as the General Manager for Royal Broadcasting moving on a few years ago to a new career with Edward Jones. He still enjoys broadcasting basketball games for Shenandoah University.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?   The Big Fella

What are your favorite sports teams?  West Virginia Mountaineers, Shenandoah Hornets, Oakland Raiders, Washington Nationals

What is your social media network of choice?  Facebook

Liz Trumbull

Sales Manager


Liz began her career in radio when she joined the Royal Broadcasting team in 2010. The most rewarding part of her job is working with both businesses and the community to help market, promote and grow their customer base. She also loves that she works in an atmosphere that guarantees she will laugh a dozen times a day because “I work with a bunch of goofballs!Liz loves to cook; and on any given Sunday, she can be found prepping meals for the week while listening to Sinatra, taking breaks only to watch football & baseball.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  I was called Liz Liz the Sales Whiz a few years ago and that has stuck!

What are your favorite sports teams?  Diehard Redskins & Nationals fan

What is your social media network of choice?  Facebook

Kathy Willis

Business Manager


In 1988 Kathy was looking for a career change when a friend told her WFTR was hiring. She interviewed with Kemp Miller and the rest is history. It’s usually Kathy’s voice you hear when you call the station. She answers your question, finds your phone numbers and takes your information for public service announcements. Her voice might be as well-known as those of our on-air personalities! She loves her job and her family of co-workers at Royal Broadcasting. Married to her husband Lloyd, Kathy has 3 grown daughters and some beautiful grandbabies.

What are your favorite sports teams?  Baltimore Ravens, Washington Wizards, Marshall University and West Virginia University

What is your social media network of choice? Facebook

Alyssa McBeth

News Director

Alyssa started at The River in May of 2019. Although she initially didn’t see herself in radio, she has fallen in love with the job that allows her combine her love of writing and broadcasting. Alyssa enjoys news gathering and sharing what’s going on in the Shenandoah Valley with the community. Alyssa is from Pittsburgh— she bleeds black & gold. When she’s not working, she enjoys being outside, traveling, trying new food and listening to music. Alyssa graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts & Design and a minor in British Media & Communication. GO DUKES!

Lonnie Hill

Operations Manager & Host of the Afternoon Traffic Jam

Lonnie began his radio career in August 1979.  During a discussion with a high school classmate about their plans after graduation, his friend said he was going to college to learn how to be a DJ. Lonnie thought that might be fun and joined him. The classmate dropped out after the first year and joined the National Guard where he became a helicopter pilot but Lonnie stuck it out and became a pilot of the airwaves. He joined the team in 1986 & while he’s taken a few breaks since then, he’s been on board since 2004.

Husband to Carrie and father of 3 boys: Mason, Evan and Levi; Lonnie enjoys being on the air, working in the production room on creative ads & meeting and talking to our listeners. Though he admits being on the air is sometimes difficult, especially during times of tragedy. “It’s hard to not let your emotions come out when you’re reporting on something where people have lost their lives or loved ones.  It’s not easy keeping it together on the air and honestly, there are times when I can’t and just have to turn the mic off, say a prayer and regroup.”

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?   “Go To Guy” or “Mr. Fix-IT” or “Agent Audio from MP3”

What are your favorite sports teams?   Front Royal Christian School Warriors – because that’s the team my kids play on.  I do like to watch the Little League World Series every year because it’s played near my home town in PA.

What is your social media network of choice?  The Facebook (But you can also follow him on Twitter: @lonnieLhill )

Randy Woodward

Account Executive & Host of The Wake-Up Crew Morning Show

For as long as he can remember, Randy has wanted to be on the radio. He managed his college radio station (WQAB in Philippi, WV) and has been on-air since 1978 – coming to The River in February, 2000. He shared this funny story: “one of my first radio jobs was working overnights, while I was taking a full load of classes at college during the day. I would put on the longest records I could find so I could “rest my eyes.” One night, during Marty Robbins’ “El Paso”, I fell asleep and woke up hours later with nothing on the air.  I kept my job, but management was none too happy!”

These days his least favorite thing about his job also involves his sleep schedule – he has to get up most mornings by 3:15am, but he loves being the “class clown” on the air and says it’s all worth it. When Randy isn’t on the air or working with clients to increase their business using radio, he enjoys running, playing golf and spending time with his wife and son “on the mountain.”

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  Man of Many Hats

What are your favorite sports teams?  Skins, Nats, Caps, and the WV Mountaineers


Janet Michael

Host of The Valley Today

After appearing for several years as a recurring guest on The Valley Today, Janet took over as it’s host in May 2016. As a self-proclaimed life-long student, Janet’s favorite thing about hosting the show is learning something new every single day from her guests. Her enthusiasm and curiosity make her a natural interviewer that immediately puts guests at ease making for an interesting and entertaining conversation. Janet is married to Tim with one son, Josh that you will frequently hear her mention on the show.

Janet is also the owner of Java Media, a social media and marketing firm, with over 20 years’ experience developing successful marketing & advertising campaigns. Java Media provides social media training and workshops for small business owners as well as social media management, oversight & evaluation services.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  A former colleague called me the “Daytime Diva” and I have to say, it’s pretty close to the truth.

What are your favorite sports teams?  Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals

What is your social media network of choice?  I’m active on most of them because of my job, but my personal favorite is Twitter.

Kemp Miller

Weather Prognosticator


Kemp got his first job in radio when he was in high school in 1964. He worked weekends and summers through high school and college and went to work for WGH in Newport News/Norfolk a week after graduating from UVA in 1970 and “has been at it ever since.” He joined WFTR-AM/FM as General Manager in 1982 when Strauss Communications purchased the station and stayed with us through the purchase in 2000 by current owner, Andrew Shearer/Royal Broadcasting, leaving his daily duties in 2002.

Kemp began his “weather career” after completing 34 hours of courses at MSU in meteorology. He became our weatherman in 1988. His favorite thing about his work with us is that it keeps him involved with the station(s) and with weather science. When he’s not pouring over weather maps & radar, Kemp enjoys skiing, photography and doing voice work from his home studio and of course, hanging out with his wife Sally and their three children.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  Professional Straight Man To The Guy On The Air

What are your favorite sports teams?  UVA Cavaliers and whoever is playing VA Tech in any sport

What is your social media network of choice?  Facebook and LinkedIn and an occasional tweet