Kemp Miller

Weather Prognosticator


Kemp got his first job in radio when he was in high school in 1964. He worked weekends and summers through high school and college and went to work for WGH in Newport News/Norfolk a week after graduating from UVA in 1970 and “has been at it ever since.” He joined WFTR-AM/FM as General Manager in 1982 when Strauss Communications purchased the station and stayed with us through the purchase in 2000 by current owner, Andrew Shearer/Royal Broadcasting, leaving his daily duties in 2002.

Kemp began his “weather career” after completing 34 hours of courses at MSU in meteorology. He became our weatherman in 1988. His favorite thing about his work with us is that it keeps him involved with the station(s) and with weather science. When he’s not pouring over weather maps & radar, Kemp enjoys skiing, photography and doing voice work from his home studio and of course, hanging out with his wife Sally and their three children.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  Professional Straight Man To The Guy On The Air

What are your favorite sports teams?  UVA Cavaliers and whoever is playing VA Tech in any sport

What is your social media network of choice?  Facebook and LinkedIn and an occasional tweet