Liz Trumbull

Station Manager


Liz began her career in radio when she joined the Royal Broadcasting team in 2010 becoming the station manager in January 2017. The most rewarding part of her job is working with both businesses and the community to help market, promote and grow their customer base. She also loves that she works in an atmosphere that guarantees she will laugh a dozen times a day because “I work with a bunch of goofballs!Liz loves to cook; and on any given Sunday, she can be found prepping meals for the week while listening to Sinatra, taking breaks only to watch football & baseball.

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?  I was called Liz Liz the Sales Whiz a few years ago and that has stuck!

What are your favorite sports teams?  Diehard Redskins & Nationals fan

What is your social media network of choice?  Facebook