Lonnie Hill

Operations Manager & Host of the Afternoon Traffic Jam

Lonnie began his radio career in August 1979.  During a discussion with a high school classmate about their plans after graduation, his friend said he was going to college to learn how to be a DJ. Lonnie thought that might be fun and joined him. The classmate dropped out after the first year and joined the National Guard where he became a helicopter pilot but Lonnie stuck it out and became a pilot of the airwaves. He joined the team in 1984 & while he’s taken a few breaks since then, he’s been on board since 2004.

Husband to Carrie and father of 3 boys: Mason, Evan and Levi; Lonnie enjoys being on the air, working in the production room on creative ads & meeting and talking to our listeners. Though he admits being on the air is sometimes difficult, especially during times of tragedy. “It’s hard to not let your emotions come out when you’re reporting on something where people have lost their lives or loved ones.  It’s not easy keeping it together on the air and honestly, there are times when I can’t and just have to turn the mic off, say a prayer and regroup.”

If you could give yourself any title (made up or real) at work – what would it be?   “Go To Guy” or “Mr. Fix-IT” or “Agent Audio from MP3”

What are your favorite sports teams?   Front Royal Christian School Warriors – because that’s the team my kids play on.  I do like to watch the Little League World Series every year because it’s played near my home town in PA.

What is your social media network of choice?  The Facebook (But you can also follow him on Twitter: @lonnieLhill )