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Council Hears Presentation on New PR Plan

21 November 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

November 21, 2019

FRONT ROYAL – The Town Council of Front Royal heard a presentation regarding a possible new public relations policy during their Monday work session.

Todd Jones, the information technology Director for Front Royal, gave a ten minute outline of a potential new PR policy and public information office. His strategy was a “four pronged approach” that involved gathering the Council members and coordinating messages for local residents.

Currently, the Town of Front Royal does not have a dedicated Public Information Office for local government. Jones’ plan would involve creating an office, and staffing it with persons dedicated to crafting messages for the Town Council and other Town government functions, and helping local residents understand what is happening around Front Royal.

The four prongs of Jones’ plan are: having a clear message, proper communications with the media, proper communications with the public-at-large and reviewing policy and messages with Town Council members. Those specific objectives would be accomplished through meeting with council members individually and as a group to craft a message for the public to see and hear. This would include social media messages, public hearings and meetings, and online public notices.

Jones expressed his interest in seeing a Town Hall every 90 days so residents could voice their grievances, or learn about some of the functions of the Council. Mayor-elect Eugene Tewalt added that he would prefer Town Halls to occur once a month. Jones also explained that the Town Halls wouldn’t just be for community members to speak to the Council, but for Council members and the PIO to elaborate on Council decisions, how they are decided upon and how they affect the area.

Nothing was decided on during the work session; the presentation by the IT director was more of a preview of a potential set of changes. Future votes during Town Council meetings relating to Public Relations changes are expected.


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