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doug stanley

COVID-19: Warren County’s Emergency Response Plan

17 March 2020 Covid19 Front Royal/Warren County News

Janet was in the studio for “Municipal Monday” on The Valley Today with Warren County Administrator Doug Stanley & Warren County Fire & Rescue Deputy Emergency Coordinator, Rick Ferrell to talk about Warren County‘s plan for preventing and managing the local impact of the coronavirus. You can listen to that conversation here: http://bit.ly/3d6afO5

They discussed what safeguards the county has put in place, prevention methods the community can implement, and learned about the number of cases throughout the commonwealth. Included in their conversation was a list of symptoms for the coronavirus vs the flu vs allergies; and, how you can help local non-profits & food pantries through the coronavirus crisis.



Doug also gave a recap from the Development Review Committee; talked about an application for FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters grant; gave a construction update on the progress of Rivermont Volunteer Fire & Rescue building; discussed the budget process; gave a recap from the recent Tourism Committee meeting; and, talked about the new LOVEworks sign slated to be located on Rt. 340/522 at the Guard Hill Road intersection

For more on our continuing coverage of COVID-19, click here: https://theriver953.com/covid19/

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